Substitute Q Gumping it

13 Gloom Warriors beat back the fartsack, YHC had the toughest of battles even asking for a last minute sub but to no avail. I had no plan at any point which to me is Gumping, make it up as we go. Gumping is a term of endearment.

Warm up and Disclaimer

We apparently have some new residents at HCES who left their mark over half the bus lot, I can only guess they will take care of the rest soon. You are Canadian Geese why are you in NC?

SSH x12 IC

Cotton Pickers x 11 IC

Windmill x10 IC

Merkins x 19 IC

The Thang:

Mosey to School Wall BTTW as long as you can, I believe J. LO was the winner but #1 was very close

Mosey to Guard Rail

10 x Dips IC

10x Irkins IC


Mosey to Golf Course parking lot

Cack A Laka Choo Choo (Sp?) length of the lot with Merkin everytime you got jumped

Mosey to stairs

Bunny hop stairs as you see fit, sprint around back to base x4

Mosey back to parking lot

Bear Crawl Half the length

Walking lunge other half

Repeato Back

Mosey back to Playground behind School 25 pullups however you can

Return to the Wall for Peoples Chair as long as you can Parkour and H.O.S.S seemed to call truce for the tie

Circle Merkins x 5 or 6 rounds

Partner Suicides of the basketball goals

Mosey to Middle Lot for Mary

FNG Mark- a P90X movement that only he could do

Gump- LBC


-Glad to lead you all, I subbed for @Gulfstream and woke up this morning exhausted and made last ditch effort to have this morning Chowderized, no dice, glad Chowder was sleeping because I really enjoyed myself

– It was great to have @Gump back in the Gloom I know it isn’t easy but the 3Fs are about more then F1, Gump likes the F2

-Lots of That’s What She Said type stuff happened

– For anyone who didn’t have gloves on for the Bear Crawls and Choo Choo at the gold course I apologize that pavement was murder on your palms

-As always it is a pleasure


3 thoughts on “Substitute Q Gumping it

  1. OldSchool

    Not sure if you were taking it easy on us or if the weather was making that much of a difference. I still had the six for much of it but I felt really great running home. Nice job Winnebago.

    1. Winnebago Post author

      @Old School I didn’t include hills or a lot of sprints so if that is taking it easy then I did but the exercises got me plenty fatigued myself. The 38,Merkin’s on warmup should have gotten muscles tired. Weather helped but I think it is really your progress. Embrace the fact that you felt great.

  2. Skipper

    Thanks for picking up the Q @Winnebago, you never disappoint.

    Welcome to FNG Mark Kogler! You’re going to fit in nicely with this group of misfits.

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