Keep Turning Left

8 pax & a mascot kept turning left, stopping for a pain station pit stop every lap.


Leaving Town Hall, run counterclockwise about 1 mile around Main Street, Roberta Road, Hwy 49, and back to Main Street. When passing Town Hall, do 20 merkins & 20 LBCs. Rinse & repeat. Join Warrior One for Mary & COT.


  • Strong group this morning & great job by everyone pushing each other.
  • I think there were more than a few negative splits out there, especially from some of us whose calves needed a mile or two to get stretched out from the El Dorado stair-a-palooza Monday morning. “Re Dorado” (tonight 6pm at University Chipotle/Kohl’s parking lot) is a great chance to get in on that action.
  • T-claps to BBQ for leading the pax and circling back to the six at the end.
  • We talked about scheduling a Blue Ridge Relay going away party/HDHH for Wednesday, September 3 at Three Monkeys to support one of our team sponsors and to take a team picture for the wall there. Look for more info on that soon, or a rescheduled date if some runners have conflicts that night.

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