A request went out for some Merkins in the August gloom and the beatdown ended up looking like this…


Mosey Around Church
SSH x 15
Merkins x 10
Cotton Pickers x 10
Merkins x 10

Mosey to Outback
Merkins x 10
Partner Up
Partner 1 – Pull-Ups x 5, Partner 2 – Dips (Until Partner 1 is Done) x 3 Rounds
Partner 1 – Pull-Ups x 5, Partner 2 – Merkins (Until Partner 1 is Done) x 3 Rounds
Partner 1 – Pull-Ups x 5, Partner 2 – Squats (Until Partner 1 is Done) x 3 Rounds

Mosey to Corner
Building Rounds
Do Lap around building stopping at each corner for 10 _____ (3 Rounds)
1. Merkins
2. Squats
3. W’s
(Condensed 2 and 3 for sake of time)

W’s x 15
LBC’s x 15
Mason Twist x 15

@pax- great effort guys. I know some of you dont think youre in great shape, but the effort this morning was impressive!

@gazelle- I think your right that the mumblechatter seems to increase when I q. #cantgetrespect

@chicken strip- it may not seem like it, but a lot of thought went into your nickname. Glad you made it out again today.

@majorpain, @eltoro- of course your group was killing it.

@ironwolf- go ahead and get me one of those 50lbs kettlebells while youre at academy today…

8 thoughts on “Merkinfest

  1. Dingo

    Good Q Mr. Belding! I would’ve liked a few more merkins though…..

    @Trail Mix – Thanks for partnering with me! Good push on those pull ups.

    1. Pharaoh

      yeah I have to agree with Dingo…seemed a little light on Merkins today…kinda disappointing actually. Oh well pretty good just the same!!!!

  2. The Farm

    Good working out with you guys! Congrats to Chicken Strip! Also found my fitbit. Thanks for helping me look!

  3. BlindDate

    Great workout, Belding. Got a good burn going with all those Merkins.

    Thanks to ONJ for partnering up. Great effort by all.

    FYI – If anyone goes to Academy and they don’t have the weight you want in stock, they will honor the sales price and ship it to your house for free. Got mine in 3 days after ordering it at the sales price.

  4. FunkyBunch

    Who needs kettle bells when you have Mr. Merkin

    @Mr. Belding good Q this morning. In my book mumble chatter eQuals respect.

    @Gazelle thanks for partnering up today. Always good to see you in the gloom brother.

    @chickenstrip your new name was given a lot of thought so much that @dingo and I were doing the squirm which you will not see on the backblast. Thanx for the correction @pharoah.

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