The El Dorado Ugly (aka, setting the standard)

Despite the ample warnings by YHC, 23 PAX who like to #dohardthings posted for El Dorado in an effort to establish a new standard.  Even @Chavez fought off his second thoughts after waxing about the pre-blast and literally (<— actual proper use of the word) LIFOed in the gloom.  Too bad @Dropcloth and @LawDawg couldn’t overcome the fear.  So, with warm-up laps completed, legs stretched, disclaimer butchered and heads properly adjusted, 0515 arrived. Let’s go to work.

The Thang
Run the Mantrip Mile to the North Deck
Don’t stop – run up the Stairway to Heaven
AYG across the top and down the Mine Shaft
Reverse flow up the MS across the top and down StH
Rinse and repeat – track your laps for your personal standard
0605 – AYG on the Mantrip Mile back to the VSF
Virtual podium presentation


Uh, none. #boring

The Half-Naked Moleskin (recruited by Winnebago in the Shirts v. Skins challenge)
– You’re all thinking it, so I’ll go ahead and get it out of the way… dang, @Minnow! Just… dang!  That was strong.  New standard for up and down is set at 13x.  Did you lap the entire PAX?  I know you lapped most of us at least twice.  Dang!  Next up… #muthaship
– Joining on the podium: @Bull and @Frodo with @Nanny and @Stoli on their heels – solid chase men. Solid. Though not sure there was anything anyone could do to stop the Minnow-train today.
– @Bootstrap – crushing it this a.m. until the wall hit at 6am. Way to power through and keep moving.  And @BBQ – way to dig deep brother. Thought I had you tracked down, but I couldn’t keep the pedal floored long enough to break you; instead you flipped the script and put your foot firmly on YHC’s throat (and didn’t let up.)  I’d blame it on the age gap, but…
– Lots of “no quit” out there today (a requirement for today’s beatdown) from the entire PAX… @Tread, @Winnebago, @Skipper, @SoloCup, @Oz, @BanjoBoy, @Striker, etc. Many, many more.  The monotony of today’s Thang forces you to up your mental game or else it breaks you.  If you get sucked in to focus on your pain, you’re toast.  Learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable.  Lots of practice with that today for the full hour… remember, the Leatherneck is an hour plus.
– Not enough work for you @Swami that you had to start throwing Merkin sets in there? Yikes!  You should have asked @Nanny to borrow his gloves. Who wears gloves for a purely running beatdown? Like bringing a knife to a gun fight.  Maybe Leatherneck prep to practice how you play?  Or a germ-barrier for all the handrails?
– I see @Pavarotti is getting serious (I could tell b/c he turned his hat backwards) about his Leatherneck prep with a back-to-back long run and El D… focused on strengthening your weakness with distance?  Love the commitment. #TeamFourtitude
– @Gulfstream – thought we had lost you at one point… came down StH and you had your head in your hands, but you shook it off and hung on my shoulder to power back up the climb. Way to bounce back and stay strong.
– @Gapper – impressive return on the heels of a weekend Ruck…  T-claps on your accomplishment this weekend and for posting today, brother!  Ruck-claps to @Gamma, @ScheduleC and @Deuce as well.
– Team Shirts started out strong, only to see multiple defections to Team Skins.  The wall at the bottom of StH looked like the balcony rail on laundry day at a city high rise…
– Good to see numerous El Dorado FNGs today like
– @Treadstone – happy birthday brother!  I would make a bigger deal about it but @LawDawg would clown me.
– I hope everyone tracked your personal lap count today so you can gauge your progress WHEN we come back to this beatdown again later.  You v. you.  You’re Welcome.

15 thoughts on “The El Dorado Ugly (aka, setting the standard)

  1. Chowder Post author

    Forgot to mention @Chavez pulling a @Parkour this morning… fortunately we were covering the usual territory, unlike last week when @Parkour trekked the North Deck solo. At least @Parkour stuck around for Ball o’ Man though!

  2. Frodo

    Great idea and lead, Chowder. Simple plan…difficult execution. We have our standard to shoot for. I think having that target will help us push. No one thought a 4:00 minute mile was possible, until someone did it. I see the standard moving to 15 pretty quick.

    @Pax – how do you think you would have done if you did the beatdown alone against a clock? No results posted until everyone finishes.

  3. SSMinnow

    @Chowder … tough new twist for El Dorado … and it did play to my strong suit….always enjoy running with all of you guys … thanks for the encouragement along the way @PAX… was great to see everyone push themselves on an a very early Monday morning … we are all stronger for having done this one (at least our legs are)

  4. Skipper

    Humbling experience today at #El Dorado. We’ve got some very strong men who are only getting stronger. F3 workouts will do that, but posting at #El Dorado will do it even faster! Excellent effort by everyone today.

    Question of the Day: Would throwing in burpees or push ups at the top deck have slowed down @SSMinnow?
    I would have to say, No, he still would have smoked us all!

    T-Claps to @SSMinnow, @Bull, @Frodo, and @TheNanny who all lapped me. #ouch
    And to the strong group ahead of me including @Chowder, @BBQ, @Stoli, and @Bootstrap. #firewood

  5. BBQ

    @SS Minnow – whatever you eat/drink, I want some of it. Truly incredible what you are able to do. It is inspiration for us all. And @Skipper, burpees or merkins may have slowed him down, but they would have slowed the rest of us down too so we’d still be following him.

    @PAX – I really like all the encouragement out there guys. @Frodo – if I was out there by myself with just a clock, there’s no way I would pushed it. The PAX is what motivates me.

    @Chowder – good one today brother. I just wish my watch gave me more credit. An hour of all those stairs meant something to my legs but very little to my watch.

  6. Winnebago

    Pax that was as hard of a post as I have ever done at F3, flat out. Fantastic effort by all, that was post that I could have doe it longer but I do not know I could do it better. Drop them temp in the 40’s that is a different story. And that is probably true for all.

    Today was truly about your mind, beating back the desire to quit. We all have physical limitations but there is no limit to increasing the ability to withstand suffering and refuse to be broken.

    I do want to give special T-Claps to @Stoli he attacks every workout like it insulted his family, he can dig a little deeper into the tank than the average bear. You add legitimacy to any post you are at.

      1. Winnebago

        I will put that as a maybe, the Highlands PAX can confirm my clothing remains pretty much the same year round. It is extremely rare I wear more than shorts and a T

  7. Striker

    That was brutal. Heart said go, legs said no! Was a good way for me to identify deficiencies. Thanks Chowder. Hard work from all.

  8. Pavarotti

    Great physical and mental beat down, Chowder. And, yes, I’m working on long distance running to keep up with you.

  9. LawDawg

    Ouch, called out in the back blast while on vacation.

    No rest for the weary in that workout. No surprise that @SSminnow taking the title. It was painful just contemplating doing that for an hour.

    Hope you all have a good week. I better post down here at the beach… don’t want to lose hard fought ground.

  10. Treadstone

    Thanks for the birthday beatdown Chowder. I wonder how many days it will take until my calves start working again?!?

    @SS Minnow – We all felt like Minnows today being chased by a shark. #humbled

  11. Colonel Mustard

    Ouch, looks like that one hurt. I can feel the pain of going up StH 13 times while sitting in my chair right now… Numbers are rising at #ElDorado, keep moving forward.

    T-Claps Brothers

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