Sets of 2

15 men embraced the wet gloom, the chance of rain and the definite chance of pain to take on some mettle!

Mosey to BBall court

  • 20 xSSH
  • 20 x mountain climber
  • Arm Circles

Mosey to Parking lot

The Thang

  1. KB swing x 15, 14, 13…..1
  2. Squat press x 15, 14, 13…..1

Mosey to playground

Pull Ups x 10

Mosey to Parking lot

  1. KB clean & Press x 15, 14, 13……1
  2. Kettlebell row x 15,14,13…..1

Mosey to playground

Pull ups x 10

  1. Pull overs x 15, 14, 13….1
  2. Chest Press x 15, 14, 13….1

Mosey to Playground

Pull Ups x 10


  1. Thank you for letting me lead today.  I was filling in for Gump, whose back is still bothering him.  Prayers coming your way Gump!
  2. Welcome to FNG James Clifton!!  That was not an easy workout to start with!
  3. Great push guys!!  Those clean and presses were brutal!!


9 thoughts on “Sets of 2

  1. Gangsta's Paradise

    @Dingo – this was an awesome beatdown. Love that the body “rest” was 10 pull ups. Going to be feeling this all day!

  2. Dingo Post author

    Thanks guys! Glad you liked it.

    I know I say this all the time……but if you found that easy… need a bigger bell!!


  3. OldSchool

    I’m going to try to make mettle next Monday. What size bell would you recommend a newbie bring? More than one?

    1. Buckwheat

      Hey Old School. I would recommend a 25 or 30 pound bell to start. We will have a variety extra bells for you to try out.

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