El Dorado Pre-Blast: 8/11

We’re gonna do what’s gotta be done.  The standard will be set.  It will be simple but it won’t be easy.  Prepare to compete… against yourself and your head as much as anyone else. It will require mental fortitude as much as physical endurance.  It will be hard. It won’t be for everyone.  It may not be for you but know one thing…  History will be made.

Meet at 0505 at the Kohl’s lot
Stretch, warm-up
Get your head straight (seriously)
0515 Launch
Get comfortable being uncomfortable for an hour
0615 Commence with the rest of your day satisfied that you know you gave it your all

1 thought on “El Dorado Pre-Blast: 8/11

  1. Chavez

    Game time! “It will be simple but it won’t be easy.” Poetic. I have a feeling tomorrow won’t feel so poetic. Looking forward to it.

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