Highlands – The Late Edition

12 men showed for The Late Edition bootcamp at Mallard Creek Park.  We had 4 men who attended the beatdown lead by Forgotten Jelly at 6:00AM return to Double Down with a second hour of pain!

The Thang;

Yoga Warmup:  (lots of raised eyebrows until the arms and shoulders started burning!)
Right arm stretch overhead
Left arm stretch overhead
Right arm stretch overhead rotate torso
Left arm stretch overhead rotate torso
Stretch both arms overhead
Hinge at waist
Move into down dog – 5 Carolina Dry Docks

Flex each leg 3x
Honeymoon pose
Down dog

Slow windmill 10x
Imperial storm trooper 20x
Atlas shrugged 15x

Mosey to another parking lot
20 -Merkins
10 – Burpees in cadence
Walking lunges from middle of lot to edge

Mosey to the big hill
Partner up

one partner starts doing little baby crunches

second partner runs up the hill does a burpee runs to bottom of the hill
does 5 partner pull ups
partners switch exercises

Repeato 10x each partner up the hill

Did I mention it is the Big Hill

Mosey to pavilion
Dips 20x
Decline merkins 20x
Step ups 20x
Incline merkins 20x
Dips 20x

Mosey to parking lot
Partner throw downs 10x
Partner pushes partner sprints across parking lot – switch at end
Partner pull partner sprints across parking lot – switch at end
LBC 30x
Homer to Marge Medley 10x
Crunchy Frog 10x
Squirm 30x

Pretzel Crunch 10x each leg

The W -10x


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  1. Pharaoh Post author

    Guys great work on the Hill! T-claps to FNG Tyson!!! I had lots of fun leading today – first time at Mallard Creek Park…looking forward to a return Q.

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