Football Camp Begins

5 pax refused to succumb to the fart sacker. 

Mosey around All Saints with parking space drill, high knees, butt kickers and back peddle.
Mosey on up to the mall lot.
Mountain Climbers x 20
Merkins x 20
Air rope x 1 minute
Deep stretch
Conditioning test. Pre camp style to see if conditioning was done over the summer.
Extended Suicides:
  • Each parking aisle is aprox 18 yards apart.
  • Sprint to the 8th aisle and back, sprint to the 7th aisle and back and so on.
  • Repeato two additional times.
  • 4 th suicide started at the third aisle and back but this was max effort. Q started to waiver and needed relief. Typically done for time and certain time has to be met or additional conditioning is required.
  • Merkins and LBC’s on the recovery x10 between suicides.
Pain stations:
  • Sprint to 5 corners of the Big lot and complete the following at each station
  • Feet chop x 10 seconds and Merkins x20
  • Air rope x 1 minute
  • Dry docks x 20
  • Air squats x 20
  • Lunges 10 each leg
  • Repeato
Mosey back to base.
  • Low flutter
  • Freddy Merc
Great work today guys. That was a brutal test for me and I appreciate everyone pushing their limit. This drill can bring a man to his knees and make him call home or sack up. Good to see Cupid back in the saddle and sorry to Solo Cup (harrisburg Pax)and FNG on the time confusion. We need to update F3 website on our new time for Saturday summer workouts.
Aye Deertick

1 thought on “Football Camp Begins

  1. SoloCup

    No Cobains needed…I should have announced my plans via Twitter. You guys have an awesome AO with lots of fun to be had. Not sure how good a workout the FNG got, I followed DeerTick’s notes as best as I could…he’s got worse handwriting than a Doctor.

    Great to see some some of you guys again and to meet some new Brothers. Welcome to Daniel Stines as well. He blew past me on the suicides. Pretty tough guy and should fit in well.


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