It’s all about choices…..(just not NO!)

After a Solo Cup led initiation to running at 5am Pax8 set out to conquer KB town. What a change in weather after getting quite used to <65 & low humidity!
With KB‘s in tow, Mosey to next lot over.
15- SSH

Sidebar- with KB‘s in hand & not a little grumbling, headed to soccer field. Placed KB‘s on yellow poles for future use.
Yellow Brick Road Relay- with KB‘s placed a far end & starting from opposite end each F3 mug to sprint to his respective KB, grab it & place it on the next available pole, sprint back to start & touch last pole, repeat as needed until all KB‘s are back to the end opposite of where they were originally placed. QC called an audible on this after it was apparent that we had too much to do to stay here all day. Thanks to Solo Cup for pointing out the obvious. Called it done after moving KB‘s 4 poles each. Will revisit this fine example of futility another day.

Mosey back to KB Town with KB‘s in Tow

The Thang: Ten Station KB Town (10) Rep Each
KB Swing
SA Goldilocks R & L (off hand assist as needed)
Tricep Extension (standing, overhead)
Goblet Squat
OYS Chest Press
**Shake Loose Run to the Ridge**
**People’s Choice: 20 LBC, thanks Monkey Wrench**
**Mosey back to KB Town**
SA KB Swing, Goldilocks and Press R & L
SA Row R & L
SA KB Swing Alternating Arms
Kneeling Press R & L
Staggered Tricep Extension (standing, like a row except backwards working triceps) renamed “One Armed Donkey Kick” per Tumbler
**Shake Loose Run to People’s Wall, It’s all about choices—–Grass or Concrete BBQ? Not NO!!
**5 Burpees OYO**
**20 SSH**
**Mosey back to KB Town**

Rehash 2nd set as Time & Body Allowed


(20) LBC with KB
(20) Squirm
(15) Low Flutter

(15) Mason Twist with KB
(20) Low Dolly
(15) LBC & Press with KB (thanks Schedule C)
+++Goblet of Fire, OYO, ALAYC+++
Recover Recover

COT: Quick word of thanks & appreciation to the One who makes our world go ’round. Do good, walk tall & walk straight.

Moleskin: This being QIC’s virgin post we didn’t know what quite to expect, including yours truly. Quite humorous, if not sad, the futile attempts at cadence rescued by BBQ & Schedule C. Learned that OYO’s are the way to go! Strong work by all; thanks to everyone for their patience!

Rib Shack

16 thoughts on “It’s all about choices…..(just not NO!)

  1. RibShack Post author

    @Solo Cup- thanks for the push to run this morning, gotta prep for the Mud Run!
    @Monkey Wrench- as always, it’s good to mumblechat w’ ya!
    @SSMinnow- thanks for the encouragment & willingness to humor we Clydesdales
    @BBQ- new name should be DoubleTime, I think you doubled down on about everything we did today. Thanks for the guidance & support today!
    @Lunchbox- calling you out to Q pretty soon, I’ve see your Football practices, they are no joke Coach!
    @Schedule C- haven’t talked with you much before but thanks for the words today & helping out with the calls & cadence
    @Tumbler- your new kix rock! You were out ahead of the pack most of the morning, thanks for the hard work & not laughing too hard at the 25lb KB & under club!

    1. BBQ

      @RibShack – so what’s wrong with the 25# KB and under club? How do you think I keep up with all the reps? I go for lean, not bulk like some of you studs out there. Great first Q RibShack. No worries on the cadence stuff. Happy to help out, it will come naturally after today. And as I said, we’ve all messed up the first few times (well…except for Schedule C maybe). My new favorite KB exercise? Donkey kicks, I don’t think I’ve done those before but they were good ones.

      @Schedule C – speaking of good ones, the LBC w/KB press was another. I’ll add that one to my bag-o-tricks. Tclaps!

  2. Gamma

    Rib Shack – great job stepping up to lead. You’ve been one of the more consistent guys out there since joining us, and the progress is obvious. The cadence will come with more leads (and we’ll be doing a mini-Q school soon focusing on same), but you’ve already taken the biggest step in answering the call to lead. Well done, sir.

    1. RibShack Post author

      Thanks man, couldn’t have & wouldn’t have done anything at all without you guys.

      Oh, one question………..if the flag isn’t there did it really happen? LOL

  3. LunchBox

    Great Job today, RibShack!! I second SoloCup. Man you can run!!!!

    Um… At football practice, I just tell the boys what to do. All the work outs, I have been to, the QIC has to perform the exercise as well.. 🙂

    Sorry, I missed you at the football practices.

  4. Schedule C

    @RibShack you did a great job this morning. Glad I was there this morning with everyone. I haven’t even led a KB workout yet. So, for that to be your first lead AND it be a different sort of workout (KB vs bootcamp) was pretty impressive. No worries on the cadence, it will come with time.

    Now, if you want a REAL challenge you can lead #WarriorOne. It’s not for everyone; it’s for real men.

    Think strong thoughts for Deuce, Gamma, Gapper and myself tomorrow as we head out with Team SPEARHEAD and others for Red, Light & Blue – benefitting Charlotte Bridge Home. It’s at least 6 hours of Good Living’. What’s Good Living? Glad you asked, see the links below and hit any of us up with questions and we can get you started and ready for the next GORUCK Challenge.

  5. SSMinnow

    @RibShack … way to mix it up … enjoyed the workout and the new exercises…the one-arm KB swing with arm-switching in mid-air was a bit of a dexterity test for me…

  6. Patty

    Gents, I plan on postingng to your workout tomorrow morning with an FNG who lives near by. Do we need to bring our own kettle bells or are they supplied?

    Neither of us have any at the moment but I plan on trying to either borrow one from a friend or purchase if necessary. Any recommendations or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Gamma

      Patty – bring one if you have it, but otherwise we’ll have a couple extra. A dumbbell will work in a pinch as well. Look forward to seeing you both tomorrow.

      1. RibShack Post author

        Just a reminder, possibly redundant & obvious, the location is at Hickory Ridge High School NOT Stallings Rd park. Thought I’d point that out in case you haven’t been recently. I think we still have the old location up except on preblasts & other direct communications.

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