You’re a Mean One, Mr. Webb. Redux

Twenty-one Pax met in the gloom to re-live YHC’s first F3 post at The Ridge one year ago.  This beast of a workout was originally Q’d by Schedule C, who EH’d YHC. This was also Schedule C’s virgin Q.  It went a little something like this:

• SSH x 20.
• Big Arm circles x 10 fwd x 10 bwd.
• Small arm circles x 10 fwd x 10 bwd.
• Imperial Stormtroopers x 15.
• Cotton Pickers x 15.

The Thang:
• Long Mosey to next spot: (Field behind school).
• Jack Webbs x 10 up 1:4.
• Squats x 20.
• Jack Webbs x 10 down 1:1.

• Mosey and line up in front of Heartbreak Ridge:
• Merkins x 10.
• Squats x 15.
• LBC x 10.
• Bear crawl up the big hill & run down the other side of hill.

• Mosey up to Hickory Ridge High School sign (the first entrance).
• Burpee Indian run away from sign toward stadium to gravel road. Line up on hill to the right next to the stadium.
• Backwards walk up hill with air squats (top) and Merkins (bottom)  9/1 ladder.

Mosey to parking lot for Mary.

• Homer to marge x 8.
• Squirm x 19.
• Freddy Mercury x 10.
• Bicycles backward x 10.
• Flutter kicks x 15.
• The W x 15.
• Mason Twist x 10.


Sappy thanks to F3 Pax followed by a prayer by Tabasco.


  1. Normally you have to show to know, but as I said in COT, I just want every one to know how much I appreciate F3 and the Harrisburg Pax especially.  Last week on vacation outside of F3 country, I completed exactly zero workouts.  This is the same amount I would probably complete on a regular basis without F3.  You guys are the reason I keep coming out.  Thanks for pushing me.
  2. Not sure who asked if I was actually doing the exercises during Mary or just calling them out, but the answer is: breezing through them.
  3. This from Schedule C’s Q last year: “Surprised no one called BS on the Jack Webbs down . . . It won’t get easier, but you will get stronger.”



4 thoughts on “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Webb. Redux

  1. Deuce Post author

    Thanks to the Pax for letting me indulge in a little nostalgia with a throwback workout. It was just as tough as I remember, however with a year of F3 under my belt I didn’t have to be on my knees for all those merkins this time.

  2. Gamma

    The key is, you came back after this workout on your first post! Congrats on the year….Harrisburg is definitely better for having you as part of the pax.

  3. BBQ

    @Deuce – it’s awesome to see you sticking with F3 one year later! I’m glad to have you out there pushing us and glad we can do the same for you. As for today’s beatdown…could we have done any more merkins? Anyone keep a count?

    @Gamma – I appreciate the “show-off” comment during namaroma. 🙂 But I’ll just say that with so many guys doing double-downs and doing workouts with rucks, I better do a little extra to keep the blood flowing. Only got 45 min so better push it to the max. Not to mention that if there’s still someone working their hardest on a hill, doing burpees, doing merkins, whatever, I can probably do a few extra to help them out. Aye!

  4. RibShack

    @Deauce- good lead today. As always you are setting the bar high for hard work & non stop effort. Thanks for the daily push of us newbies even when you are not leading!

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