F3 Vacation Club under The Bridge

A beautiful Charleston gloom brought out 29 warriors to share in some Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. And it went a little something like this…

Warm-up with: 50 x SSH; Windmills; IST

Fellowship Mosey to the pier for: Mericans, Slightly declined mericans, Fully declined mericans (big boy derkins), and squats somewhere in there. Oh yeah, F3 disclaimer because someone thought we would push the railing over.

Mosey farther down the pier for: More mericans, Big boy derkins, lunges?, Monkey Humpers (crowd favorite)

Cacka-lacka-choo-choo back towards the field of dreams

Repeato of most of the pier exercises

Mosey to the Field of Dreams because the soft, wet, cool grass was calling us so we did a little superman and banana to fully enjoy the grass. Then @JV (I think) made some snide comment about Air Force exercises so the pax got rewarded with some Army low crawls.  Those turned into Jack Webbs, then bear crawls, then crab walks, then karaoke, and we were back to the Welcome Circle.

Partner up for the following exercises: Partner 1 performs subscribed exercise, Partner 2 runs around circle (200yds?). Flap jack.  The exercises included: mericans, lunges, LBCs, flutter kick

Mosey back to the shovel flag to finish with a little Homer to Marge and Alphabet Soup.

The Humid Moleskin:

1. Always a pleasure to post in Charleston. T-Claps to the men who are growing F3 down here and keep it up! #targetrichenvironment

2. YHC tried to be a fine southern gentleman by carrying on the age old tradition of starting the workout with 50 SSHs. It was mind numbing and I had to speed it up at the end, but I didn’t want to break tradition and cause any strife with all these ring-knockers in the pax. #lordsofdiscipline 

3. Great represenation from Columbia (at least 4) and Charlotte (3) today. Appreciate the southern hospitality. #F3vacationclub

4. Tell your wives “sorry from Skipper” for all the grass you tracked home today, and then tell them “you’re welcome from Skipper” for the six-pack abs and bulging biceps. #smallpricetopay

5. After the workout I pulled out a soggy cheat sheet (mini-Weinke) from my pocket and realized that I got side-tracked at the open pier and field of dreams. Oh well, leaves me plenty of ammunition for next time. #limitlessAO

6. Awesome to have a couple book-end FNGs (War Baby and War Daddy). Welcome @Lil Focker and @Toker. Where I come from we typically name on the second post, but I’m kinda liking this first post name-a-rama. #groupthink #mobmentality

7. Did I see a few of the pax members running the bridge pre-workout? Who were those sickos? Please identify yourself in the comments. #creditdue

8.  I know two people who weren’t running the bridge this AM, nor were they present at the workout, even though they both HCed when they were enjoying the cold barley soup at Bay Street Biergarten last night. We won’t name names of course, but one rhymes with @Schmooley and the other might need to be renamed @FannieMae. #CBS

God Bless and enjoy this day!



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  1. Skipper Post author

    @Charleston Pax – Keep spreading that F3 net wide. F3 is for all men! #stopsadclowns

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