4 Corners of Tradition

21 men this morning. Perfect conditions for a tough sweaty workout.


Jog around church and circle up in the center

SSH x 20ic
Arm rotations x 10ic for/rev
Cotton pickers x 15

4 corner circuit around entire parking lot X2 (10 ww2 sit-ups in between corners )

Corner 1 ( 30Merkins)
-Sprint to next
Corner 2 ( 30 mountain climbers)
-Sprint to next
Corner 3 ( 10 burpees)
-Sprint to next
Corner 4 ( 10 yurpees)

Mosey to top of parking lot

Sprint to opposite side of parking lot
20 squat jumps
Sprint back an 10 lunges per side

Plank when done

Split group in half. 25 burpees / 25 pull ups.


flutter kick x 20ic
The squirm x 20ic
W x 20ic
Little baby crunch x 20ic

Great push and intensity out there this morning. Hard work from the FNG’s. Welcome fellas, two new names! Thanks again for the opportunity to lead!







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