Why Re-invent the Wheel?

Eight early risers ran speed intervals on the ‘Aldi Loop’ near Town Hall.

The Thang

After a mile warm-up, we ran the large (1/2 mile) loop at tempo pace followed by the small (1/4 mile loop) at recovery pace and repeated this several times. Mosey back to Town Hall to join Warrior One for Mary, already in progress.  Total mileage was around 4.5 miles, with around 2 to 2.5 miles at tempo pace…. strong speed work by all!

COT/ Warrior One

  1. @Gamma led this same workout several weeks ago. It worked then, and it worked again this morning…speed sharpens speed.
  2. @Bull looked strong as always, leading the pack after the warm-up mile.
  3. @Murtaugh…I enjoyed running and talking with you.
  4. TClaps to @BBQ, adding 4 miles this AM for his round-trip run from home….glad you had you BRR night gear on for the trip down Roberta Church Rd!
  5. @PAX…you all made my VirginQ a memorable one. I am proud to be associated with such a strong and dedicated group of men who are striving to be the best than can be in all walks of life.

SS Minnow

3 thoughts on “Why Re-invent the Wheel?

  1. BBQ

    @SS Minnow – great virgin Q! Although I’m not sure we can call you a virgin when it comes to leading Road Warriors. This definitely wasn’t your first time leading a group of runners. Nonetheless it was a good one and glad to have you out there pushing each one of us. There’s no way I’d run that “Aldi Loop” alone. It’s great having others out there to push one another.

    @Oz – just wanted to give you credit for coming out too this AM (looks like you were missed in the BB). Even after all the mummblechatter yesterday you managed to come back out and run somemore. Did you laminate Schedule C’s list from yesterday? I’d sure hate for it to get wet or dirty.

    @Gapper – good to see you back out for Road Warriors. Been a while had it not?

    @Paris – Was that your first Road Warriors post? If so, glad to have you out. If not, glad to have you BACK out. Keep coming – I know there’s others out there that need to join us. They get easier…not really, but keep coming.

    @Bull – enjoy your DD with ReDorado tonight. After my 10 miles this AM, I’m taking the night off. See you in the gloom.

    1. SSMinnow

      @Oz…how could I leave you out of the PAX?…yes, you were getting around the loop at a good clip… (#apologies)…..I’ll chalk it up to VQ

      1. OZ

        No worries guys I did join the scheduled workout already in progress. Yes I have THE list laminated and ready for action.

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