Reverse Spiderman Does Not Belong in a Running Workout

16 pax for a classic 4 mi Nanny P2P (playground to playground) route with pain stations.

The Thang:

  1. 1 mi run to Christenbury playground.  10 x pullups, 20 x merkins, 30 x air squats.
  2. 1 mi run to Sports Club stairway.  Reverse spiderman merkins all the way up that bad boy.
  3. 1 mi run to Clarke Creek playground.  10 x pullups, 20 x merkins, 30 x air squats.
  4. 0.5 mi run to 18th hole playground.  10 x pullups, 20 x merkins, 30 x air squats.
  5. 0.5 mi run back to HCES launch point.

The Naked Moleskin:

  1. Walked outside this morning to sample the gloom and thought “hmmm…fairly cool.’  Then pushed the start button on my Garmin and broke into a full sweat and thought “hmmm…fairly humid.”
  2. Love seeing the increasing number of guys running TO the workout and then FROM the workout.  The pre-Cruise / post-Cruise Mileage Enhancer is a great way to get the body ready for 0.5 Marathon / Full Marathon training.  If you have not tried this yet, run TO the Cruise next week and get a ride home with someone.  Do that for three weeks and then tack on the post-Cruise in week 4.  You’ll be glad you did.
  3. It was great to see two FNG’s out there this morning.  Frodo’s buddy Shrink Wrap (FKA Steve Gompers) and The Nanny’s buddy Tim Rhodes (who won’t get a name until second post b/c unlike some people I guess, I don’t just give it up that easy).  Was glad to introduce Winnebago to another mid-westerner, Wisconsin, fried chess curd loving fool.  And Stoli to the other Packers fan in Charlotte.
  4. The reverse spiderman took it all out of me.  After that, the entire morning was just plain hard.  Whose idea was that anyway?
  5. Frodo told me about an upcoming race in November called the 485 MADD Dash.  $25 will get you an entry into either the 5K or the 10K timed “fun run.”  Tell you what…F3 Highlands will give you an entry to the off the books Sunday 16.1K “fun run” for free.  That’s like a $75 dollar value.  HCES @ Sunday @ 6AM.  Plus our “fun run” always comes with a cop car…..
  6. I’ll be at the Shield tonight.  See the daily communication for details.  See you there?

5 thoughts on “Reverse Spiderman Does Not Belong in a Running Workout

  1. The Nanny Post author

    @Pax Great running with you in the gloom this morning. Do you have #WinterLust yet? It’s about that time of the summer. Then a couple months into winter you will experience #SummerLust. I think the key is to enjoy TODAY. Have a good one boys.

  2. Stoli

    Great route today. Thanks Nanny!

    Chowder was a monster leading the way today. Imagine even how much faster he’d be in shoes that weren’t 4+ years old!

  3. Dingo

    So I decided to ride my bike to the cruise today. Thought it was a good idea, get some other muscles working and get nice and warm for the cruise. Then I hit ridge road. Walked my bike around the barriers and was about to saddle up when i realize there is literally no road in front of me?? In fact there is a 20ft hole?? Ok, I’ll go around it……uh no……there is no going around this thing!! So I rode back to Iron Fist where Gangstas paradise crushed me.

  4. Winnebago

    Great stuff @Nanny I mentioned to @Snare and @Gulfstream I was none too excited about reverse spidey this morning. It was however a great challenge. I hadn’t done it in quite awhile due to El Dorado replacing Mettle..

    Enjoyed great 2nd F with @Gulfstream as usual, been too long since we chatted as we have gotten away from early morning Rucks.

    The guys upfront T-Claps for pushing it especially @Dropcloth.

    Great to see @Stoli back regularly we missed having you as a benchmark of performance.

  5. LawDawg

    @TheNanny, thanks for taking the lead today. It has been awhile since we’ve run that route. For some reason it’s an intimidating route to me. Probably Millstream is the cause of that, but it just seems like you cover a lot of ground with a lot of hills. After taking three days off, it felt great to get back out in the gloom this morning and get a sweat going.

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