Like When Your Belt Buckle Breaks…PAIN

6 PAX moved in on the Coul Train for midweek pain nervous by what they saw in the preblast. Except Skinner who has a deep appreciation for PRE!

“Character: It takes a special breed of cat to get up at 5 or 6 in the morning for that workout” Steve Prefontaine

Holy Cow seemingly had second thoughts about exiting the vehicle. I think he was waiting for Grover or Exit 54. Neither showed.

Warm O Matic: Run lap around campus down towards KGB house (we were extra quiet so as to not wake him) and then around to courtyard for some


SSH x 20

Imp Storm Troopers x 15

Imp Squat Troopers x 10

The Thang a Lang a Ding Dang

Four Corners of Downtown Concord:

1st: Parking lot across from Lutheran Church: 25 Merkins

2nd: New Parking lot at Mceachern across from Jail: 30 LBC’s

3rd: 5/3 Bank Parking Lot: 30 Air Squats

4th: Top of Parking Deck: Bear Crawls 40 yards. (Deertick no like)

Mosey betwixt corners is a quick pace.

We got through 1 and 3/4 for time with a Skinner audible for a water fountain visit on Union.

Mary: 1.5 minute plank is all we had time for.

Mole’ Mole’ Mole’ Mole’!!!

1. Grover didn’t show after much talk burning up my cell minutes #Getsomeworkdonedude. I guess those new Star Wars Pajamas don’t supply force enough to get out the fartsack. Can’t say what Exit 54 had but can speculate that the Ebola virus US tour might have him on lock down.

2. It’s hot in the parking deck and Deertick does not like bear crawls.

3. The water fountain on Union works. Thanks to Skinner for showing us the way to the water. We all drank.

4. Great effort this morning as Deertick noted that the four corners were on either side of the ridge line through downtown so there was alot of running of hills.

5. “You could have picked an easier sport such as football”. Another Prefontaine gem.


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  1. Exit54

    looks like a strong WOD, hate I missed it. I drank some tainted coffee yesterday and it put me in the fartsack for about 18 hours.

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