Don’t Blame Eve…

Small but good discussion this morning over eggs and coffee.

We unpacked the creation and fall of man in Genesis 2-3. Here are a few of the key verses and points.

Genesis 2:7 – Adam was created first. As men we should be leading our families, wives, communities, etc. Leadership is the key.
Genesis 2:15 – Adam is given an occupation (work in the Garden) – responsibility – before Eve is ever created.
Genesis 2:16-17 – fascinating that God tells Adam not to eat from the tree BEFORE Eve was even created! Didn’t catch that before. **We could argue that the first sin was not Eve eating the fruit but Adam being passive – not taking a leadership role or speaking up when Eve ate the fruit. After all, it never says that God commanded Eve not to eat the fruit! Adam dropped the ball on communication there! (Sound familiar as men?)
In Genesis 3:6, at the time of the fall, it says that Adam was with Eve. Again fascinating, because Adam says/does nothing – just lets her eat the fruit – and the rest is history. How many of us, as men, sink back and let others lead or take charge, don’t speak up, let everyone else make decisions, etc. Being passive is not what God wants for us – we must be leaders in all areas.
In Genesis 3:12, when God addresses the downfall, it’s interesting that he FIRST calls out Adam…and wouldn’t you know it…Adam blames Eve and doesn’t accept responsibility! Again, we as men often like to pass the buck and blame circumstances or others for our shortcomings. Let’s own up to our mistakes and lead well.

Some interesting perspectives packed into a passage we’ve already heard and read before. But I’d encourage all of us to read it again, but through the lens of male leadership. See all the times Adam’s passivity sticks out, and may that be motivating to us to be better!

Thanks guys!
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