“You are not right”

35 of Harrisburg’s F3 swarmed the Harrisburg Park to see what YHC had to offer.  Here is what was delivered:


Mosey down the hill to the lower parking lot.


Warm-up (x denotes 4-count cadence):

SSH x 20

Cotton Pickers x 10

Mountain Climbers x 20

10 Slow Count Merkins

10 Burpees OYO


Mosey up the Library Drive and Circle up

12 Partner Derkins

Flap Jack

Head to the steps in the front of the library

Partner Wheel Barrow up steps

Lounges down the ramp

Flap Jack

Plank until six arrives

5 Slow Count  Merkins


Sprint to the front entrance of the park

Plank  until six arrives

10 Slow Count Merkins

Quick mosey to the upper practice field

30 team burpees

Plank until Pax finishes

5 Slow Count Merkins

Quick Mosey to Triple Threat Hill

1-7 Ladder

Wide Merkins at the base

Diamond Merkins at the middle

Jackie Chan Merkins at the top

Quick Mosey to the other end of the soccer field

Air Squats x 20

Quick Mosey to the other end of the football field

Plank until six arrives

5 Slow Count Merkins

30 Jump Squats OYO

Quick Mosey down the hill to the pond

Plank until six arrives

10 – Varying 6” planks….the Q can’t fool the Pax, these are slow count merkins

All you got sprint up heart rate hill to the shelter

(Nobody is supposed to be at the shelter at this hour…slight audible to return to the starting point.)


Quick mosey to library drive and start the circuit over with the partner derkins.  I think I heard various  BS calls on this, but YHC was hearing little more than the voices in his head at this point.

We picked up the pace a bit and made it back through the team burpees on the second cycle. #solidbutwecandomorenexttime



LBC x 20

Low Flutter x 20

Low Dolly x 20

Side Plank Dips x 10 (each side)

J-Low x 12



The Super Sweaty Moleskin:

  1. Welcome to Harry and Evan making their first post this morning. Solid work this morning. I hope to see you guys out again soon.
  2. Special thanks to @Gamma for picking up YHC’s slack and collecting names of the PAX this morning.
  3. @Padre kicked it into a gear that I had not seen before up heart rate hill. Unfortunately, he was unaware of the time left on the clock. #20minutestocoffee
  4. It is always humbling to lead such a great group of men. I appreciate the opportunity to see the true effort that the entire Pax puts in with each and every post.

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  1. BBQ

    Tclaps to @Rip Shack – thanks for partnering up with me. You were pushing it out, nice work. Glad to have you out.

    Tclaps to knewly named Scrapple. They don’t get easier but you get stronger!

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