Spider bites and Rain!

7 of Traditions hardest braved the wet gloom for a chance to get ahead of the pack!

I stepped outside the house this morning and was surprised to see so much rain!  I immediately got excited as it has been a while since we worked out in the wet gloom!  Into my truck and up the road to pick up Raptor(Pongo had a “convenient” fartsack).  Raptor was peeking cautiously out his window, hoping that his ride was going to fartsack also.  No such luck!  i have the Q and I love the rain!  Out came Raptor in his bare feet???  He really was hoping I would not show.  Fortunately he had his socks and shoes in one hand and kettle bell in the other.

Off we went to the AO, Raptor was sure that no one else was going to be there.  “Get behind me satan!”, I knew our F3 brothers would not let us down.  On arrival Calzone was already in the parking lot ready to go!  It didn’t take long for Dutch, Iceicle, Belding and Major Pain to appear!

The rain eased for about 1 minute and the the heavens opened up!  It was a torrential down pour like Charlotte had never seen!!  Did that deter this group of hardened souls?  Absolutely not!!  Never was it even mentioned that we pack it in and leave(actually true!).  We bent down, picked up our kettle bells and marched into the gloom.

Tabata was the theme for the day, some modifications were made due the incredible lack of visibility!  It went a little something like this;

Warm up

  1. SSH x 20
  2. Arm circles
  3. stretches

Tabata – 20 seconds on – 10 seconds rest x 5 rounds

  1. Goblet squat
  2. High Pull
  3. KB Swing
  4. Skull Crusher
  5. Mason Twist
  6. Figure 8’s
  7. Clean & Press
  8. Lunge

First 5 rounds took us 20 mins

Due to the conditions, some modifications were made.

Tabata continued, this time each man decided the next exercise.  We went around the group until time was up.  Many exercises performed, too many to remember, but they were all manly and we are all much stronger now.

The wet moleskin;

  1. Great to seven brothers out in the rain today!  How do you get stronger?  You workout when the others fartsack!  Great job guys!!
  2. @Dutch – You are clearly losing weight!!  I am sure if I touched you that you would feel less mushy, just like your wife said……though I am wondering where she was touching you…..???
  3. @Calzone – Great to see you this morning!  You’ve become a regular at Tradition and I expect to see your face every morning!  Way to beat the fartsack!
  4. @Iceicle – Great getting to know you at Tradition On Tap last night!!  I thought El Toro said he was coming this morning??  #beertalk
  5. @Raptor – You said it well brother, It feels good, especially after working out in the rain!!
  6. @Mr Belding – Glad you FINALLY came to one of my Q’s!!  I was starting to take it personally…..
  7. @Major Pain – It has been a quiet week at Tradition with your absence, you certainly made up for that today!!  Great to have you back!
  8. Thanks for letting me lead you on this miserable morning!  Always an honor!!