End of July

20 Pax joined Forgotten Jelly in the last beatdown of July at Tradition

– Mosey around church
– Circle Up
– SSH x 12
– IST x 12
– Cotton Pickers x 12

The Thang

Mosey to Outback
3 exercise challenge (5 total rounds):
– Burpee to broad jump x 10
– Bicycle crunch x 20
– Cross-body mountain climber x 30

Partner up (total per pair)
One partner runs short loop, other partner does an exercise
– 50 pullups
– 100 merkins
– 150 WWII situps

Stay in Partners (total per pair)
– 50 2-handed curls
– 50 dips

– Homer to Marge (keep feet off ground for transition to next exercise)
– Flutter Kicks (keep feet off ground for transition to next exercise)
– Low Dolly
– Elbow Plank (1 minute minimum)

– It was a great day to lead a workout. Nice temperature, wet grass, lots of sweat! Hope everyone enjoyed it.
– I realized that the Tradition men had the pleasure of starting and ending the month of July with a Forgotten Jelly beatdown. Doesn’t get much better than that.

12 thoughts on “End of July

  1. Kemosabe

    Nice good old fashion beat down this morning. Dingo was right about me being away on vacation and hurting this am. Got another week coming up the second week of August so I may need to find a way to stay in form while I am away. Great job once again with the Q this morning!!

  2. FunkyBunch

    Great Q Jelly!
    I didn’t get the name of the FNG I partnered with. He looked to be about 12 with tattoos and talks funny. I did have to push hard to keep up so I thank him for that. Sound off if you know who this guy is.

      1. Gangsta's Paradise

        @FunkyBunch – wasn’t that someone @ManDown or @Striker brought in? That’s gotta be it. He seemed to know a lot about F3 though…

        @Forgotten Jelly – great Q brother, and thanks for partnering up this morning!

  3. BlindDate

    Great Q, Jelly. The broad jump at the end of every burpee was a great addition, although my broad jumps probably measured a whopping 1 foot by the 4th set. Perhaps those should be dubbed Carl Lewis Burpees.

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