VQ Vista-Fun Cruise

13 men ignored the temptation to fartsack and posted for a nice downpainment in the coolness of the AM and for Tomlin’s first Cruise Q.


The Thang:

Run appox 4.8 miles @an average 8’16” pace.

Planks for those who finished first.

End with Mary, & BOM

The Naked Moleskin:

1) Great job out there men. There were some great hills that added to the challenge. Thanks and #Tclaps to the PAX for allowing me to VQ.

2) #TClaps to @Chowder for making me lead the Mary. We learn by doing, failing and doing it again.

3) Mapmyrun.com called cruise route a 4.97, Nike called it 4.83 so you can pick.

3) There was some 12 year old looking kid out there who sounded like @Dingo, but had a bald face…weird

2 thoughts on “VQ Vista-Fun Cruise

  1. Dingo

    Lol! My kids won’t come anywhere near me!! 🙁

    The Highland cruise has come a long way since my last post over here! You guys are killing it!

  2. Winnebago

    Great time this morning. I like the preblast it lets people proceed at their chosen pace knowing where they are going. Dang @Chowder and @Glock wouldn’t slow their pace so I had to keep up, I can’t help myself knowing I still have a tough 2.25 miles going back home.

    @Tomlin keep working your cadence for exercises it is one of the more challenging parts other than creating a workout. We all kind of make it as we go.

    Special thanks to @Chowder for the escort nearly to my front door this morning, we were running the hill up to McChesney which is a bit tough, and at the top I said “huh, normally that hill is tough” Due to 2nd F I literally didn’t even notice the incline. I think running to the AO is going to become a lot more regular.

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