Tour de Harrisburg

9 of Harrisburg’s Road Warriors and Dixie braved the early morning bacon scented gloom to run the Tour de Harrisburg



  • Start at Main/Town Hall
  • Right on Physicians
  • Right on Roberta
  • Left on Parallel
  • Right on Autumn Dr (Sprint to end if you want)
  • Right on Patricia
  • Stop on Autumn Ln

o    25 Air Squats

o    Sprint to the corner of Woodside, 25 Merkins

o    Mosey back to the start of Autumn

o    Repeato x 4 (ish)

  • Continue to the end of Autumn Ln, right on Morehead
  • Right on Oakside (25 Merkins, 25 Air Squats) back at Patricia
  • Right on Patricia
  • Left on Parallel
  • Left on Roberta
  • Right on Town Center
  • Finish at Town Hall





  1. Outstanding work today Gentlemen. My watch said 4.01 miles…seemed like a lot further
  2. Great to see some new faces/ and some returning ones out for a run this morning.  It won’t be long before Murtaugh is giving BBQ and Minnow a run for their money.  #ThatsOneStrongCat
  3. Starting to come around to Jackie Chiles philosophy on  cardio/beer
  4. #tclaps to Esclade on his Virgin Warrior One Q
  5. Don’t forget the Food Pantry (small sizes of Dish Washing/Laundry Detergent)

3 thoughts on “Tour de Harrisburg

  1. Gamma

    Looks like a tough one, Solo Cup, especially so soon after The Murph. Like I said, it’s the quiet ones you have to worry about….

    Definitely need to hear more about this cardio/beer philosophy. Happy hour tonight could be the perfect opportunity to discuss!

  2. BBQ

    Sounds like I was too busy chasing @SS Minnow and missed the cardio/beer conversation. Too bad I missed it – sure sounds appealing.

    @Solo Cup – thanks for leading man. I felt so good when we started off (cool temp helped) and then you threw in the merkins/squats. Wasn’t expecting the extra pain stations but I guess they’re good for something…maybe. Oh, and no fartsacking allowed tomorrow.

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