Highlands Monthly Murph

17 gents chose to forsake the fartsack and post at the Highlands Sports Club for the monthly Murph.

The thang:

1. One mile run

2. 100 pull-ups

3. 200 push ups

4. 300 air squats

5. One mile run

Great work by all this morning. Welcome back to those of the Pax who had been MIA for awhile.  The difficulty of the Murph still seems to sneak up on you, but it’s a great monthly fitness test.  I was impressed by how fast it was completed this morning. TClaps all around.

For those that don’t know the entire story of Lt. Michael Murphy, the namesake of the workout, check out the Wiki here. My favorite part of his story is the origin of his high school nickname.

Murphy was known to his friends as “Murph”, and he was known as “The Protector” in his high school years. In 8th grade, he protected a special needs child who was being shoved into a locker by a group of boys. He also protected a homeless man, who was being attacked while collecting cans. He chased away the attackers and helped the man pick up his cans.” 

Part of our role as men is to protect those who can’t protect themselves.


3 thoughts on “Highlands Monthly Murph

  1. Colonel Mustard

    Thanks for taking the lead this morning @LawDog. It has been a couple months since I completed the Murph so it was good to be back.

    @Nanny, @Shazam, @BootStrap – thanks for entertaining my non-talking determined self this morning.

  2. Dingo

    Gotta admit I missed my Highlands brothers today.

    However……it was nice to see 12 pax out at Tradition!

    I hope you guys had a little more room to move today?

  3. Colonel Mustard

    Highlands Brothers: I realized this morning that we always leave “Old Glory” behind when completing our mile runs. I picked her up for the last mile today and encourage each of you to bring her with you on the first and last mile. Pass her off during the run if needed. #Respect

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