That was some serious gloom

The gloom was impressive this morning!!  Fog surrounded us the whole workout.  Actually took an old Tasmanian boy back to his youth when the fog would roll down the Huon Valley and cover the earth most mornings!  But this aint Tasmania and we weren’t there to admire the gloom!!  22 Pax rolled in 11 of whom doubled down!!  I heard many a talk of mud run prep and these double downs are surely the way to prepare!  Keep it up guys!  We need a top 10 finish from MECA this time around!!

Mosey to parking lot…….Guys were already dragging!!  Come on!  are we here to workout or have a social convention???

10 x burpees

Indian Run to Playground

10 x burpees

20 x SSH

10 x burpees – About here is where some of the double downers started to get annoyed about the amount of burpees.  All I can say is that the burpee is quite possibly the best body weight exercise you can do!  So we are gonna do the…..nuff said….

20 x IST

10 x burpees

Partner up

40 x Pull Ups(Should’ve done more than 40…..)

60 x WWII Situps

80 x Burpees

4 x laps of parking lot

Mosey to Shelter

10 x burpees

20 x dips

20 x jump ups

10 x balls to wall pushups

repeat x 3

Mosey to Power poles

Teams of 4

10 x Shoulder press

10 x Curls

10 x log press

repeat x 3

Mosey to Parking lot


Various exercises led by Bootstrap and Major Pain!


  1. The moleskin is a lot cleaner today, compared to Major Pains filthy on yesterday……
  2. Awesome to see guys doubling down!  I’m gonna give you a shout out because I did it as well and it was tough!!  Forgotten Jellly, EtchaSketch, BOS, Maximus(60years strong!!), Gordo, Law Dawg, Funky Bunch, Bling, Octane.  I think I got that right?  Sorry if I missed any one.
  3. Chowder was visibly lacking from both workouts……
  4. Funky Bunch and Law Dawg were both complaining a LOT about the number of burpees, so because of them we actually did more burpees than I planned.  You can thank the later.
  5. Welcome to Ronaldo and David – FNG’s
  6. I’m gonna call out Maximus again!!  60 years strong and doubled down today!!  Where are all you young bucks??  Yosemite??
  7. Bootstrap – sorry if I scared you bro!!  I get kinda crazy when put in charge of something 😉
  8. FJ – great job on those balls to wall pushups!  You are getting visibly stronger!
  9. Law Dawg – I was a little worried I would sleep in after talking smack yesterday!  Thanks for pointing that out!!
  10. Nada – I hope you are enjoying the workouts!!  I see a Connecticut F3 starting soon!!

2 thoughts on “That was some serious gloom

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    Enjoyed it brother! Balls to wall push-ups were brutal, but I was actually able to do them this time. The logs were terrible!

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