The only easy day was yesterday

Mosey through parking lot (high knee, butt kickers) around to shelter

The Thang (each exercise done for 1 minute unless otherwise noted)

A Set


– Knee Merkins to Child Pose

– Wall Chair

– Full Boat Pose

– Bridge Kicks

– T- Plank with Leg Lifts (30 seconds each side)

Run Lap around ASEC

B Set

– Scorpion Merkins

– Squats to Solider Kicks

– Balls to the Wall (30 sec + 30 sec)

– Side Crunches (30 seconds each side)

– Side Plank with Inside Knee Ups (30 seconds each side)

Run Lap Around ASEC

C Set

– Walk Outs with 5 sec Hold

– Warrior III Pose (30 seconds each leg)

– Reverse Crunches

– Side Crunches with Elbow to Knees (30 seconds each side)

– Plank (60 seconds with added 30 second bonus)

80% Run to Mary


– LBCs x 22 IC


1. 12 PAX circled up for a beatdown and experimented with some new moves. After Exit 54’s Chinese merkins yesterday, we tried another new merkin variation – The Scorpion. It was just as devious.

2. The goal today was Core & Balance hence some yoga-ish movements….still seemed to tax the PAX based on all the grunting I heard…..long story short, our balance is terrible and none of us look like the women on the Yoga websites!