The Hills are Alive

Four Road Warriors set out for battle on this edition of The Hills Road Warrior.


Thang – From the LP to the shiny new sidewalk on Roberta.  Right on Parallel.  Warm up those legs, stretch out those hips.

Pause briefly at the intersection of Patricia and Parallel. 1/4 mile up, 1/4 mile down, as many as you can until YHC says stop. (4-5+ climbs).

As it gets close to time to go, down Patricia to Autum, back to Parallel, then Roberta, around the Town Center and back to the LP to meet up with the Broga group for Mary.



  • Great work today men.  Hills suck but they suck less when you run up them more often.
  • Our mascot, knowing that it was humid, decided to fartsack.  She was the smart one.
  • I guess that each of us got between 4-4.5 miles in today, depending on speed and path to the LP.

Until next time…

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