Hey ADMIN, you got the Q…oh ok

17 of Highlands faithful joined in the gloom to experience the forgetfullness of the Q.

In total we covered ~5 miles in 40 minutes. I believe there was a range of 8-10 minute/mile for the PAX.

Run out to Highland Creek Parkway and take a left
Travel down to Ridge
Take a right on Ridge
Take a left on Prosperity Ridge
Wonder out into unopened sections of I-485
Reverse the flow with an added loop

Well well well, at 0518 I showed up and asked who the Q was and the answer: I don’t know. At 0525 the question was asked again, who is the Q, again: I don’t know. Then……Shazam showed up and said hey Col. Mustard your the Q. So I guess there is a lesson learned here, when your the sign-up genius admin and sign up to Q under the Admin Account and all the notifications go to the F3Highlands email in which you don’t manage, then you will not get a notification. Oh well, it all worked out in the end and I even got to run with Stoli and follow Frodo. I always look forward to following Frodo. Your welcome for the Merkins Frodo.

Welcome to our new Pax member, @Highlife…comes from his last name of Miller, get it? I know it is hard to understand but if you have any questions then you can reach out to @TheNanny as he was the wizard behind that name.

Where oh where is our friend @Chowder? Did he post at another AO? Did he get lost on the golf course? Was the Skyline Grinder to much for him yesterday? We missed you brother, come back and join us.

We saw the return of @Stoli after his short issue with Turf Toe and Shazam returns after starting his new career along side @Chevez but where was he? I mean if @Shazam can post and make it to work at 0700 then why can’t Chevez?

Who is ready for the MudRun? Will team #Frontier pass the #TheSledge?

7 thoughts on “Hey ADMIN, you got the Q…oh ok

  1. Colonel Mustard Post author

    Thanks for allowing me to lead this morning…enjoyed coming in second again. Today was @Frodo and yesterday as @TheNanny.

  2. The Nanny

    @Mustard Quick thinking as always. Good route – pretty sure we covered new Cruise territory which gets harder every week. You asked a few questions above in your musings. Lucky for you, I have answers. Where was @Chowder? I heard he drank too much #Haterade on Monday, did not properly re-fuel, and bonked after the Skyline Grinder. Just what I heard. Where was @Chavez? Our boy’s bottom floor flooded last Thursday and he is having all his hardwoods re-done. He is staying with the in-laws in Huntersville and last I heard – he was planning on hitting up some of their AOs. And finally as for “will team Frontier pass #TheSledge…” My guess is yes, but it will be #TheSledge passing you while in the hands of team Fourtitude near the back half of the run. That is of course assuming @Pavarotti gets his lazy arse back to the running workouts so he does not pass out from the 30% harder effort we will be putting into the run.

    @Skipper It was a great surprise to find you outside my house this morning all ready for the pre-Cruise. Next time try not to leave nose prints on the glass from where you were staring into the house.

    @Highlife It was great meeting you this morning and hearing a little bit about your life. Hope to see you on Monday when you get back in town for The Murph. Highland Creek Sports Club @ 5:30.

    @Dropcloth Exciting moment for me this morning when I found out you made your first ever run TO the Cruise. You are in a whole new league now. You must be a runner.

    @Frodo, @Snowman, @Skipper Always glad to have you guys for company on the pre/post run. Thunder Road is going to be a piece of apple cake.

  3. Dropcloth

    I liked all the prep you put into this route @Colonel! Was a nice route off the cuff!

    I believe your missing 4 from above are @Gulfstream, @Snowman, @Shazam and @Tank!

    @#1 – great catching up with you today during the run – nice to see you back out there after the calf strain kept you out the past few weeks. I’m sure your endurance on these runs will return quickly.

    @Highlife – welcome to the PAX – great catching up with you briefly out there as well. Look forward to chatting a bit more during some upcoming workouts!

  4. #1

    @Dropcloth – thanks for hanging back with me this morning… I enjoyed the 2nd F and I certainly needed the push/pull!

  5. Snare

    When Colonel was one of the first few PAX to arrive this morning, Dropcloth asked who was Q’ing. Colonel responded quickly with “I have no idea. I didn’t check Sign-Up Genius”. A smiling Shazam reminded Colonel that he was “pretty sure you (Colonel) have the Q today”. And off we went…

    Nice “run by the seat of your shorts” route today. I had no idea Prosperity Ridge was open for foot traffic.

    @Skipper – enjoyed your British pub story. Sam Smith’s!
    @Tank – always good to catch up with you and your tri training.
    @Hoss – thanks for the Prosperity Ridge tour guide
    @HighLife – Welcome! With an F3 name like that, we’ll see you at the next HDHH.

  6. LawDawg

    @Col.Mustard, nice route. I was praying you wouldn’t add the loop at the end of Highland Creek but in my heart I knew it was coming!

    @pax, sorry for about taking you all out at 5:31 as a flew into the parking lot!

    @frodo, thanks for hanging back and dragging me up to the rest of the pax.

  7. Skipper

    It’s been awhile since I’ve #Highland Cruised. Felt just like old times: getting busted peeping in @TheNanny’s windows, hearing about his latest over-analyzed endeavour (Note to Pax – don’t ask about the stand-up desk), and running the hills of Highland Creek with my Highland brothers. It was great catching up with @Snowman, @Snare, @Tank, @Gordo, and @Gulfstream. Also good meeting @HOSS (does that stand for something?) and @HighLife. Ahoy!

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