PREBLAST: Beardarado at #ElDorado

Ever heard of Sharknado well The Nanny has Beardarado

1. AYG to the North Deck.
2. Reverse bear crawl up first level of StH. If not able, crab walk up two levels.
3. 10 burpees at top and run back down StH.
4. Run up decks to top – run backward on the up ramps and forward on the flat ramps. 20 full extension sit-ups at entrance to mine shaft. Form = Legs straight out, hands over your head touching ground, sit up and touch toes while keeping legs flat.
5. Forward bear crawl down first level of mine shaft (two landings). If not able, crab walk down the first two levels (4 landings).
6. Repeato till 6:05.
7. AYG back to parking lot.

See you at Kohl’s Parking Lot for a 0515 launch.

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