Frog Hump Day

Yo, Yo, Yo……where be all the PAX. Only 3 made it to a wet, frog-friendly beatdown.


–        Mosey to Mall and round the mall (full lap)

o   Walk outs with 5 second hold x 5

o   SSH X 20 IC


The Thang

–        Run 2 laps around Mall – drop and complete miscellaneous reps

o   Dips x 20

o   Side Walk Merkins x 12

o   Parallel Bars (shopping cart return)

o   Dips x 20

o   Curb Shoulder Step Up x 15 IC

o   Decline Merkins

o   LBC/Reverse Crunches x 40

o   Sprint /Back Peddle Parking Spaces

o   Paraells Bars

o   Indian Attach Run around 3 light poles x 2

–        Mosey to Pull Up Bars

o   5 pull ups x 2


–        One Minute Plank

–        Mason Twist x 15

–        LBCs x 20

–        Yoga Style V-ups (Cupid Audible) x 10

–        Body Bridge Lifts x 10 (Total Package Audible)

–        Standing Single Leg Boby Extensions and Hold x 6


  1. Frog Hump Day was supposed to an hour of the Murph (Frog = Navy Seal)
  2. With only 3 people (3/4 of Mud Run Team 2), we repurposed the WOD to be more mud-runnish
  3. Nice and cool morning made it hard to tell if it was rain or sweat that soaked us.
  4. Thoughts and Prayers to Cujo for a speedy recovery from surgery at NE Friday. Although the veterinarian might have done a better job on your op, F3 must insist that there be no wearing of E-Collars during workouts.

Dismissed. Hipbone