Conceal those guns! MP’s Virgin Q!

19 expectant men braved the gloom to see what punishment Major Pain would place upon them at Iron Fist!  They were not disappointed!

Warm up

SSH X 20

Cotton picker x 10

Arm circles and Hugs(Major has a soy side)

The Thang;

Partner up

  1. Pull ups x 10
  2. Step ups x 10
  3. Hanging Leg Raises x 10
  4. Decline Push ups x 10
  5. Chin ups x 10
  6.  Squat – Hold lower position for 3 count x 10
  7. Dips x 10
  8. Lunge x 10

Rinse and repeat until the major say stop.

Mosey to parking lot

Bring sally up, bring sally down


  1. LBC x 25
  2. Low Flutter x 25
  3. The Squirm x 30


  1. Great Job by the Major on his Virging Q!  I am sure he will sound off in the comments below.
  2. Any one get the feeling the Major is not happy with our form??  Good form reduces injuries!  Listen to the Major!


8 thoughts on “Conceal those guns! MP’s Virgin Q!

  1. MrBelding

    @majorpain- Great Q today Major. It was great seeing you lead and to see you bring Sally out today too.

  2. Gangsta's Paradise

    @Major Pain – well worth the wait on your first Q. Was an awesome lead, and great way to concentrate on form.

    On another note, definitely not a fan of Sally. She was not kind to the Pax today…

  3. Pharaoh

    Good Job Major Pain – I enjoyed the workout.
    Mr Belding – way impressive on the chinups/pullups!!!!!!!

  4. Bloodsport

    Great Q Major, enjoyed partnering up and I needed on all exercises especially chins and pulls… Yes Sally does not like the Pax… Will do better after the muscles build up from today!!

    No post tomorrow by BloodSport will be in New Bern and Outer Banks sipping a cold one for you all!

  5. #1

    @Major Pain – Great lead this morning! Appreciated the focus on form vs reps, even though it was a bit humbling on the pull ups…then Sally came along and crushed any ego I had left. Good beatdown!

    @Hammer – Good partnering with you…needed the support and the push!

  6. Dingo Post author

    One of the best things about F3 is the huge variety that the Q’s bring! The more QPax who step up to Q, the more interesting it gets!

    Thanks for stepping up Major P!! I gotta admit, that was not the workout I was expecting!! You were so QUIET!! lol!!

    Enjoyed partnering with you Dutch!

    Sally was definitely the hardest part for me. about half way in arms just quit……there was nothing i could do to “Bring Sally Up”……

  7. Hammer

    @MP, way to bring it. I am always in need of correction. Sometimes form too…it’s a good way to increase strength and reduce injury.

    @#1, New respect for you brother. Seals ain’t got nothin on you. #strong

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