32 Pax Including 5 FNG’s

Warm up:

12x SSH, 12x Merkins, 12x Air squat, 10 Burpees OYO

Partner up w/ someone similar in size and mosey to pull ups

-Split in two groups- one group does 100 Merkins and other group 50 pull ups. When you’re done, switch

-Do the following 5 times  W/ Partner run up to top of hill 20 partner get ups, Run back to start -20 partner derkins

Mosey back to parking lot- Partner wheelbarrow to tree line, AYG to other side of the church, peoples chair 1 minute, 10 burpees, peoples chair 45 seconds, 10 burpees, AYG back to start

Mary- a mix of mary exercises lead by the Pax with merkins in between


  1. Great job to all, I know I was feeling some major TBQ towards the end.
  2. 32? That’s just insane.

7 thoughts on “32 Pax Including 5 FNG’s

  1. Pharaoh

    @Magma – another great Q! i enjoyed it very much…always nice to see you at Q because I can be sure we will get at good workout.

  2. FunkyBunch

    Great beatdown @magma.

    @majorpain thanx for the team work I always appreciate your motivation

    @Pax today is it…MUD RUN sign up.

  3. Man Down

    @Magma – Great job! I’ve come to expect no less from you. Regarding the missing FNGs, I can only remember 4 and they were:
    – Eric Hoffman
    – Josh (don’t know last name)
    – Yoshi (don’t know last name)
    – Michael (don’t know last name)
    @Guinness – Thanks for partnering up with me today! You are an inspiration out there man!

  4. Dingo

    @Magma – Good lead today! Handled the monstrous crowd well!!

    @Montana – Enjoyed partnering up with you today! You really give it everything you have! It was inspiring watch you push yourself past what you thought you could do! My bet is that in a years time we are not going to recognize you! #f3strong

    I dunno about the rest of you?? But I am calling BS on those grass hill repeats! Not on the exercise itself…….But on the fact that some of you were done and i’d only completed 3 sets!!?? #justsaying #learntocount

    4 FNG’s and a newly named @Eagle!! Keep on bring them guys! We have a plan in place to manage the larger crowds better as of today. F3 is about growth! There are so many guys out there that need the 3F’s and we will welcome all of them!

    @Eric Hoffman – So cool to see you walk into the group this morning!!

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