F3 Dads: Animals Everywhere

Submitting to the endless requests of “When’s the next F3 Dads?” from our 2.0s, 69 PAX (Dads and 2.0s) posted on a perfect Saturday morning at Mallard Creek Park.  Here’s how it all went down:

– SSH x 19
– Imperial Storm Trooper x 10 (unintentional halt)
– Seal Jacks x 19
– Mountain Climber x 10 (Noodle didn’t call recover!  Back in plank!)
– Peter Parkers x 10
– Parker Peters x 10

The Thang
Line up on the sideline for Noah’s Ark
An animal is called out; walk like the animal to the opposite sideline
– Bear Crawl (called by Chowder)
– Koala Bear Carry (called by Noodle) – Dad carries 2.0s on back
– Monkey Walk (called by PB&J) – squat and use arms
– Duck Walk (called by Little Buddy)

Mosey to the hill for the Pack Mule
– Dad carries one 2.0 up the hill
– Run down
– Burpees x the digits in your Dad’s age added together (e.g., 46 = 4+6 = 10)
– Repeato x 3 for a total of 4 sets (since Skipper has 4 2.0s)

Mosey back to sideline
– Fastest Family in NoCo contest
– Line up in age order behind Dad
– Dad runs across field and back, tag 2.0
– 2.0 runs across field and back, tag Dad
– Repeato alternating Dad/2.x through 4 total sets
– Fastest family in NoCo: The Milligans (Skipper) followed by The Morrises (9Lives)

Mosey across parking lot (STOP! check for cars… clear!) to lower field
Grab a Solo cup and some sideline for Don’t Drop the Cup!
Run width of the field with cup held between Dad’s and 2.0’s body part called
If you drop the cup, 5 Mericans penalty (for Dads and 2.0s)
– Hand to hand (called by Noodle)
– Belly to belly (called by Magellan – who will later rename himself to Fireball)
– Head to head (called by OG)
– Dad balance cup on top of head (called by Dogwood)

Count off by twos and form two lines on either side of the Gatorade cooler
– 2.0s scoop water from jug in their cup and hold over Dad’s head who Crab Walks to midfield
– Dump remaining water from cup into your team’s bucket at midfield
– Return and repeato with Bear Crawl
– Wipe grassy hands on 2.0’s shirt when finished
– Acquiesce to M’s demands for Dad to do laundry (this will occur later)
– Team 2 wins!

Mosey to next field for Mary
– The W x 10
– LBC x 10
– Low Flutter x 10
– Low Dolly x 10

COT, Announcements and BOP
AYG to the Parking Lot for Gatorade

The dried-grassy moleskin
– New Saturday 6am workout at MCP starts next week in addition to the 7am workout
– SIGN UP FOR THE MUD RUN! You should have received an email email with instructions/details
– F3 Dads Camp – Aug 15-17 at Camp Thunderbird (still spots left)
– Next F3 Dads is 7am on Aug 9 at Harrisburg Park and Sept 6 in Concord
– El Dorado at 5:15am on Monday
– Keep Walker Phillips (F3 COLA’s Nail Pop’s 2.0) in your prayers as he battles medical issues
– Coffeeteria at Dilworth after Gatorade
– Two questions for each 2.0 – 1) What was your favorite part today?  2) What’s your favorite thing to do with your Dad (besides F3 Dads)?  Have your Dad sound off for you in the comments.

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  1. OldSchool

    Sugarbaker said her favorite was a tie between Koala and burpees. She said the face plant she did when her noble steed fell on the ladder was not her favorite.

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