Race the 201 Central Loop

8 pax ignored the temptation to fartsack and the cruise went a little something like this. Weather: 77 Degrees and partly cloudy. Road/sidewalk condition: dry.

The Thang:

Quickly split into two groups of four with each group having a mix of fast and slow pace guys.

Group #1: Frodo, Fillabuster, Nighthawk, and Treadstone

Group #2: The Nanny, Gordo, JLo, and YHC.

Each group ran the 201 Central Loop (approximately 4.65 miles) with Group one heading down Highland Creek to Ridge Rd. and Group #2 starting out the other direction past the clubhouse and through the golf course.

Although I was holding Group #2 back, we thought we were doing okay when we crossed paths at the traffic circle Arbor Creek Rd. and Rocky Ford Club Rd., but alas Group #1 earned the virtual trophy and made it back to the school a few minutes ahead of Group#2.

As always, it was a pleasure to have the Q this morning. I hope you all enjoyed the run. I know the fast guys probably had to slow down a bit, but I think both groups ran a pretty solid pace.

1 thought on “Race the 201 Central Loop

  1. The Nanny

    @Law Dawg Great format today – always good to mix things up. Thanks for signing up to lead a Cruise – variety of Q’s makes for healthy variety. I just did not get why no one was talking this morning as we were climbing all those hills through the never ending neighborhood….

    @JLo Good chatting with you this morning. I am still so jealous of your MSFT exercise perk. I am also jealous of your 5K PR time. With a time like that I expect to start seeing you moving towards the front of the pack…even with that AT inflicted bum knee!

    @Nighthawk @Filibuster @Treadstone @Frodo Always good having company for the post-Cruise run home. Not sure why today was so tough. I guess we can just blame the summer heat and humidity.

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