The Block is Your Buddy


  • Mosey to Mall
  • Slap Jacks x 20
  • Walk Outs x 10
  • Misc. Stretches
  • Mosey to west side of Mall


Grad a 35 lb. concrete block from truck.  Line up at light pole.

  • Decline Merkins x 10, pick up block run to next light pole
  • Goblet Squats x 10, take block run to next light pole
  • Overhead Thrusts x 10, take block run to 1st pole
  • REPEATO until time is called (20 minute Sweat Test)

Mosey to ASEC Middle Lot


– Burpees in a Bear Box:

  • PAX circle up tight in the cone box
  • While 2 PAX bear crawl the box (forward, right side, backwards, left side), center group does burpees in sets of 5.  Repeato until all PAX has done the box.  20 burpees completed.


  1. 11 PAX turned out for a block-laden beatdown in the humid gloom
  2. Welcome to FNG Corey Cochran… please come back!
  3. The 3 light poles span 120 yards (240 yds round trip).  If you did 7 rotations, that is almost 1 mile or running with your block buddy!
  4. Keep Shelly and Josh in our prayers this week
  5. As always, its an honor to lead you guys…great effort

That is all.

Aye, Hipbone