20 Gloom Warriors posted on a pleasantly cooler morning for their Tuesday dose of fitness

Partner up doesn’t matter who, similar fitness level would probably be a good choice though.

One Kettlebell per pair

Mosey to Skyline with bell, just get it there…Work it out between you

From base of Skyline

Partner 1 AYG to top of crest and back
Partner 2 KB Swings til they return

P1 Run hill
P2 Squat Press

P1 Run Hill
P2 KB Curls

P1 Run Hill
P2 Goblet Squat

P1 Run Hill
P2 Halo

P1 Run Hill
P2 KB Jackknife Crunch (lay on back KB above head on ground, raise legs and KB to meet in middle)

P1 Run Hill
P2 Burpees

Rinse and Repeat til time is called


Co-Ed- W x15 IC

Buckwheat- Low Dolly x20 IC

Gulfstream- Peter Parker x 10 IC


– This morning was modeled after The Blender which is every Tuesday up at GCC which is off Exit 25 in Huntersville, it is a serious beatdown (top 2 hardest in all of F3 if @Bogey is feeling especially angry that day) that every Pax should do at least occasionally

– No matter what the exercise those bells wore me out

-Great pushing by all Pax everyone gave it their all, great performances all around

-I must give T-Claps to @Gulfstream and @Snare on using a 20 KG bell which translates to 44# that is serious stuff

-In the end we did 30 minutes at Skyline which resulted in by my estimate 8-10 trips up the hill/exercises, I don’t ever recall doing that many trips up in one post


7 thoughts on “#BlenderSouth

  1. Dropcloth

    Well done PAX! Forget the KB – 8-10 trips up Skyline Hill alone is a workout in itself!

    Nice beatdown Winnebago – looks like a brutal one!

  2. Charmin

    @ Winnebago – Great workout today. I say the email last night saying we should bring the Kettle Bells and I knew we were in for a rough one. As always you did not disappoint. Nice touch adding the cooler weather today as well. Much appreciated.

    @ Pax – Impressive to watch the progress in the overall fitness level. You guys were killing that hill today. Great to see.

  3. Pox

    Note to Pax, Pox makes his return to Highlands on Thursday. After reading about winnebago’s beatdown, I’ll have to work on something special. See you in the gloom.

  4. Snare

    @Winnebago – I admit, I read the preblast and still forgot my KB. Luckily (or unluckily) @Gulfstream brought the #BigBell for us. Thanks for the push on the way back to HCES.

    Nice effort by all, including the newest PAX. @Charmin I agree, great fitness levels out there.

    Lot’s of #mummblechatter coming from @Chowder today. He should have picked a heavier KB.

    @POX – looking forward to Thursday. Bring it!

  5. Skipper

    @Haskell, @Beave, @Parkour, @Pox! Sounds like it’s time to the get the old band back together! #Kotters Love seeing those names! Come visit us at #Tradition soon.

  6. Hammer

    @beave, @Haskell….Really? What a day you picked. Winnebago killed it. I posted at tradition, sorry I missed you guys.

  7. Haskell

    @Hammer, @Skipper, @Parkour, @Pox, it was great to be back out. See you Thursday. (I’ll be at Highlands for a Pox beat down.

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