Those who set their alarms correctly became Highlands most dedicated who arrived on time and ready to roll for the pre-July 4th beatdown. 
Warm Up:
SSH x 20
Merkins x 10
Mountain Climbers x20
The thang:
Mosey to hill on “Street Avenue” (this one has my vote for most uninspired street name in Charlotte, please vote below)
Break off in to two groups.  10-1 ladder, burpee’s at the top of the hill and LBC’s at bottom.. Not sure how one group finished before the other).
Mosey to Middle School Parking lot:
Karaoke to end of lot
Lunges back to opposite end of lot
Mosey to Bus Lot
Partner, 5-1 ladder, Partner 1; Pull-up’s/Partner 2;Running with scissors or seal claps
Mosey to Middle School Parking lot:
Karaoke to end of lot
Mosey to Mary

Low Slow Flutter x15
Rosalita x 20
Superman x 2
Dying Cocaroach x 15


  • Thank you for letting me lead and learn to count cadence.  It was an honor and a privilege.
  • Great to see new faces, keep up the great work!
  • Don’t forget special workout’s for July 4th preblast here:

Everyone have a safe and fun 4th! AMERICA!

2 thoughts on “VolunQ

  1. OldSchool

    Not sure if that ladder has a name already. I’ve always considered that hill just a shallow challenge on runs, but that ladder almost buried me. Therefore I christen it the “shallow grave”. Also maths are hard.

  2. Winnebago

    The group that finished the ladder first also had more burpees great off the cuff beatdown.

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