Come out and help us celebrate July 4th in true F3 style!!  7:00 – 8:00am at Tradition AO

The Thang;

Old Glory;

Start at shovel Flag in Parking Lot.

Run down to office buildings and back(1.0mile)

1. 20 x Merkins(front/right corner of Church)

2. AYG to Back/right corner of Church

3. 20 x Jump Squats

4. AYG to Pull Up Bars

5. 10 x Pull Ups

6. AYG across Field to sidewalk

7. 20 x WWII Situps

8. AYG to Shovel Flag – Touch the Flag – Thats 1 round.

9. AYG to front/right corner of Church

(Loop is 0.40miles)

Rinse and Repeat 1-9

10 mins left – run to office buildings and back(1.0mile)

You Vs You! How many times can you touch the flag?

Double Down opportunity at El Dorardo at 5:45-6:45!!