You got the Q, braugh?

A solid 15 PAX cut through the thick morning gloom to post for another rudderless, aimless, rambling Cruise through the outer expanses of Highlands’s AO.  Fortunately, we had 15 leaders among us, so it went something like this…

The Thang
Start running
Head out Street Rd. to a right on Ridge.  Turn left into (insert name) community
Go find Jimmy Oehler Rd.
Come back to Ridge Rd. and turn back into HC via Shelly
Left on HCP for an out and back stretch to the front entrance
Was trying to pull everyone back together (didn’t work so well)
Arrive back at HCE parking lot


The Sweaty Moleskin
– Nice work today by the PAX in less than ideal conditions – didn’t realize we were swimming today in addition to running ~4.6 miles
– Thanks for the opportunity to Q… I learn more and more each time.
– @Snare – thanks for the run in/out today; you made the extra mileage easy – thanks for the 2ndF today and all the time!
– Not easy having 2ndF/3rdF discussions while pacing with @Frodo (well, easy for @Frodo, not easy for YHC), but enjoyed it thoroughly.  Thanks brother.  As if it wasn’t tough enough with my wheezing and sputtering through our mumblechatter, here comes @The_Nanny from 200m+ behind to effortlessly track us down like he was Jack Bauer following a donut crumb trail left by Honey Boo-Boo.
– Speaking of 3rd F, The Shield – tonight 8-10pm; Stoli’s house (7825 Taymouth Lane in HC; come around back through gate on right side of house)
– Welcome to 16yo hate-hate-hate (almost 17, still hate-hate-hate) FNG Ethan Oldham… keep posting young brother, you’ll get stronger every week and in a few months you’ll be ready to Q.
– Sign up for the MudRun today!  Deadline is July 15.  Details and instructions are in the News link of the daily email.
– Fourth of July beat down options on Friday: 1) El Dorado – 5:45a-6:45a launching from Kohl’s parking lot across from UNCC  2) Tradition – running their signature Old Glory beat down 7:00a-8:00a @ Stonebridge Church  3) Double Down – most PAX should NOT attempt this.  FAR too hard… possibly impossible.  Harder than getting a scoring shot past Tim Howard.  So hard that Chuck Norris won’t even be there.  Good thing our Founding Fathers decided to avoid doing hard things… If you decide to ignore all common sense and these multiple warnings, please bring a note of clearance from your physician and be prepared to sign a liability waiver in blood using a quill from a bald eagle.

4 thoughts on “You got the Q, braugh?

  1. Dropcloth

    Way to step up @Chowder and lead us yet again! Nice route at first with the strong breeze blowing around run to keep temps down, but once we found our way down Shelley Lane and the Parkway that breeze was non-existent!

    @Treadstone – great catching up with you been a long while since we last posted on the same day. Hope to be back out there a bit more on some of the runs so I won’t struggle as bad and talk with you a bit more.

    FNG Ethan welcome to the cruise hope to see you at more of these or even some bootcamps or speed workouts. (And if memory serves correct he is 17 going to soon be 18)

  2. The Nanny

    @Chowder Wow. Has to rank as one of your best BB’s yet. Dripping with humor and wit. Not only did you crush it in the gloom, you crushed the recollection of the gloom in prose. You up front leading the way with Frodo re-confirmed your unceasing improvement in fitness. When will it stop?

    @LawDawg Appreciate your thoughts on the exciting topic of the $1M umbrella policy. Did you appreciate how I waited to ask you about it until we were just starting to climb that long hill? You are welcome.

    Loved seeing such a big group (8 pax) doing the pre and post run to and from the workout. @Dropcloth you are next. Let’s see you run to the Cruise next Wed. I only have to get up 10 minutes earlier to make that happen. 10 minutes for an extra 3.4 miles….seems like a deal even a stingy accountant would go for.

    @Humidity Why do you keep coming out to the gloom? All you do is hang around and settle on us like a bad attitude. Between last night at bedtime and this morning AFTER 24 oz of water, 3 eggs, 2 non-Belgium waffles, and 2 sausage patties you still managed to steal 3.1 pounds of water. Hate you.

  3. Snare

    @Chowder – you’ll be in 140.7 form again soon. Nice pace today! Thanks for the Cambridge Bay meet-up and pre/post run to HCES. Agree with @Nanny – nice to have another opportunity for 2nd F on the post-run home. I got so caught up in explaining mileage to/from my house to @Nanny that I almost forgot my turn home.

    @Tank – good discussion on USMNT loss to Belgium. Still hurts but still interesting to disect

    @Nanny – “2 non-Belgium waffles” #subliminalhumor #loveit

    @Nighthawk/@Stoli – thanks for the draft on the way back!

  4. Winnebago

    I hear you on the humidity. We did A LOT of burpees at some other workout this morning, that had more Pax than another workout that @Col Mustard was leading, and every round I left a 2 foot scatter plot beneath me.

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