Bunsen Burner Got Hotter

Wed 7/2/2014 We will be conducing the second running of the Bunsen Burner and it is even harder than before.

There will be NO warm up I repeat NO time will be devoted to warming you up.

Turn on the Gas: One mile run

Light the flame: 25 Burpees in basement

The Bunsen Burner:

Beginning in the basement do 5 Jump Squats sprint up one level do 5 Burpees

Return to Basement

Do 10 Jump Squats run up 2 levels do 7 Burpees

Return to basement

Continue on each time adding 5 jump squats 5,10,15,20…, one additional level up 1 down 1, up 2 down 2…, at the top of the run add 2 burpees each level 5,7,9,11…,

This will continue until 6:07 for Mary and COT