June Edition of the Murph

27 Pax show this AM for the Monthly Murph

1 Mile Run
100 Pull Ups
200 Push Ups
300 Air Squats
1 Mile Run


  1. Travel Safe Skipper
  2. Glad to see some faces that I had not seen in a while
  3. I think this maybe time to split this up a bit 27 is way too many for the AO as the saying goes Addition by Subtraction
  4. Sound off with your thoughts below

12 thoughts on “June Edition of the Murph

  1. The Nanny

    @Pax I absolutely would not do that if there were not a bunch of other crazies out there doing it as well. Thanks to all you guys for your diligence to regular posting – it helps more than just you.

  2. Colonel Mustard

    I would say do not split it up because you will start to lose the energy level. Just because numbers are increasing does not mean we need to break it off. The point is to bring everyone together for The Murph. (Yeah I know I posted somewhere else this morning so no need to call that out). It is called workout innovation, have a rotation of guys completing exercises so the Pull Up Bars are always open.

  3. Forgotten Jelly

    I agree with Colonel Mustard. I see this as a special workout, so I don’t see the need for splitting up.

    Enjoyed it as usual!

  4. Skipper

    There are pull-up bars at #Tradition…however, I do enjoy the monthly Murph convergence. We’ll think about it. Ahoy!

  5. Dropcloth

    Great job by the PAX today! That is a tough one to gut out. Enjoyed seeing all the faces – some new and some Murph veterans!

    27 is a big number to work around especially with limited pull-up area but also find strength in numbers as @TheNanny mentioned above. I push when I see or hear(@Major Pain) others pushing through. We can split or keep together I just plan to keep showing up.

    BTW – @Major Pain just giving you grief today – you are a beast out there and it’s obvious you leave nothing on the table when it’s done.

  6. The Nanny

    Re: to split or not to split. I align with some others above, that the Monthly Murph is a great chance to get our AO’s together for a convergence workout. I don’t know about others, but I really did not have to wait more than 5 seconds to get pull up bar space. Even if I had to wait longer, it would be worth the “event” feel of having that many guys show up for a workout.

    @Derby Forgot to call you out earlier…I would have to say you threw down the most impressive Murph that I have ever seen. Perfect form; true pull ups, deep squats….it was a sight to see. You are a beast.

  7. Snare

    Monthly Murph – my vote, don’t break it up. I enjoy seeing the former Higlanders that are now Traditionalists. It makes sense for Harrisburg to hold their Murph because it is a few more miles away from H.C, than Tradition. But the Tradition AO is only 5 miles away from the H.C. Sports Club. Plenty of bar space and mulch markers to go around.

    BTW is nobody going to mention the giant infaltable Mountain Waterslide “obstacle” at .5 miles? Looked like my kind of party…the chairs and coolers left around the cul-de-sac…not the water slide.

    1. Dingo

      We’ve been talking about doing it a tradition since the bars went up, we just needed a push

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