Old Glory (July 4th Special Beatdown) – Preblast


Mark your calendars for a special event this coming Friday. We will be celebrating our independence at F3 Tradition with a special Old Glory Beatdown with some recent changes to make it more interesting and patriotic. Thomas Jefferson will be proud of your effort on this workout.

We will have a special holiday time of 7:00-8:00. Be sure to wear your American flag gear or anything that shows off your patriotism. Feel free to paint your chest red, white blue if you so desire. We need to teach people like Dingo about what it means to be an American…

See you Friday!

When: July 4th, 2014 7:00-8:00.
Where: F3 Tradition – Stonebridge Church

2 thoughts on “Old Glory (July 4th Special Beatdown) – Preblast

  1. Dredd

    @MrB, please make sure you uhhh compel @Dingo to acknowledge all the improvements we Americans have made to Australian “culture”, starting with Fosters and the Blooming Onion.

    1. Dingo

      It’s a shame that a man of your obvious American pride, would consider fosters and the bloomin onion an improvement to a culture. Yet we Australians have offered your culture such treasures as Vegiemite and you continually screw your noses up in disgust……

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