The BBQ Route


5 of Harrisburg’s elite runners, Dixie and YHC braved the early morning gloom to run what I’ve been calling The BBQ Route.

The Thang



  • Start at Main/Town Hall
  • Right on Physicians
  • Right on Roberta
  • Left on Parallel and merge onto Plaza
  • Cross Morehead onto Valhalla
  • Right on Williams
  • Left on Valhalla
  • Right on Morehead
  • Left on Morris
  • Left on School
  • Right on Parrallel
  • Left on Roberta
  • Right on Carl Palmer Drive (the long way around)
  • Right on Town Center
  • Right at Sports Junction
  • Left on Physicians
  • Finish at Town Hall
Mary (w/ Warrior One)
  • Check their Back Blast
COT (w/ Warrior One)
  1. Thanks for letting me run with you guys this morning, I had 4.0 mi even on my watch.  I am sure BBQ got close to 5.  Sorry you all had to keep doubling back so that I could keep up.  Thanks for the support at the end.
  2. Not sure where BBQ got the idea that there was a chill in the morning air. I was dripping sweat by the end of that first hill.
  3. I thought really hard about stopping at Louis Grill after smelling that bacon this morning.
  4. Don’t forget the Food Pantry.  Looking for Baby Supplies that will be delivered to Gate Pregnancy Resource Center.   Give what you bring to Schedule C or myself (Solo Cup)

4 thoughts on “The BBQ Route

  1. SSMinnow

    Solo Cup – good run this morning…got some 2nd F in also….found out that Banjo Boy and my 2.0 (F3 – Thurston) were classmates for many years here in our excellent Cabarrus County schools.

    Also…shout out to Deuce for the tough Mary at the end….really worked the core hard!

  2. BBQ

    @Solo Cup – don’t be sorry for making us double back, it means our legs got more miles. I’m just glad to be out there with you and the rest of you guys. We’re out there to push ourselves and each other.

    @PAX – good run by everyone this morning. The hills do suck…better enjoy them going down.

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