High Surf Advisory in Highlands

14 Highlands PAX ignored the warning signs and braved the rough waters for a surfing inspired beatdown.

Warm Up:
SSH x 25
Mercans x 15
IST x 15
Jump Squat x 20 OYO
Invisible Jump Rope 1 min

The Thang:
Mosey to Mid School Lot
Pop-Up – L x 12 – 1min plank
Pop-Up – R x 12 – 1min plank
Mosey upper parking lot loop

Line Jumps (front/back) 1 min
Line Jumps (L/R) 1 min
Mosey upper parking lot loop

Rotating Mercan Plank (L/R) x 10
Mosey to Wave #1
7×1 ladder: Quadrafillia up hill, Mercan at Crest, LBC at Trough
Mosey to Wave #2
7×1 ladder: Squats at Crest, LBC at Trough
Mosey to Wave #3
5×1 ladder: Touch fence at Crest, CDD at Trough
Mosey to Mary (Jailbreak for a few over acheivers)

Crunchy Frog x20
Low flutter x 20
Mason Twist x20
Old School sit-ups x20
Squirm x20

Naked Moleskin:

  1. Thanks for “paddling out” with me today. I enjoyed planning this one and trying it out on our “totally awesome” Highlands PAX.
  2. Not a lot of mumble chatter today. Maybe it was the heavy lineup and 3 set waves.
  3. YHC was ready to call BS on Wave 2 then remembered I was the Q. #itsalwayseasyonpaper
  4. @Shultz – nice call on the jailbreak to Mary. At least half the PAX followed.
  5. T-claps to @Chowder for being the Guinea Pig last Saturday in HHI.

4 thoughts on “High Surf Advisory in Highlands

  1. Snare Post author

    Who is ready to grab their board and hit the waves now? @RedDawn, @Buckwheat?? We can be in Wrightsville Beach in 3 hours!

  2. Gump

    @snare, looks like a Quality Beatdown, I had a re-fartsack this am.. Fully dress for battle @ 0455 when 2.1 came down crying… made the mistake of laying down with her… well you know the rest.

  3. OldSchool

    Nice plan today, snare. I was eyeing that 4th wave at the base if the track and getting anxious. Happy you called a mosey for Mary instead.

  4. Charmin

    @ Snare – Excellent workout today. Always enjoy it when something new is tried. Personally I have never gone surfing and if my popups were any indication I do not think I would be good at it. Although it would be fun to try.

    @ Pax – Good efforts all around today. For me just getting out of bed today was a victory. Strongly considered fart sacking and of course now I am glad I made it.

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