FCC Team Challenge Relay


19 men ventured out across the Highland Creek paved terrain for a little nod to the FCC that was established today in 1934.


The Thang:


=>10 Mericans

=>Run down Highland Creek parkway to the middle school parking lot


Parking Lot Zig Zag

  • High knees, butt kickers, Stoli ships, Ilots, side-to-side, side-to-side


=>Mosey to right of middle school


Circle Up

  • Imperial Storm Troopers x22
  • Burpees, no Merican x22
  • Mountain Climbers x22
  • Get in teams of 3


=>Mosey to HCE bus lot for instructions and note that teams will have to communicate to complete the relay


FCC Team Challenge Relay

  • Partner #1 burpees (as many as you can until Partner #3 relieves you)
  • Partner #2 200 meter track (as many laps as you can until Partner #1 relieves you)
  • Partner #3 obstacle course of plank rail walk, sprint, bear crawl, crab walk, bush zig zag, pull ups (1 time through course, then relieve Partner #1 at burpee station)
  • Repeato until Q says “stop”


=>Mosey to guard rails


Dips and Incline Mericans

  • 10 dips, 10 inclines
  • 8 dips, 8 inclines
  • Repeato pattern until complete


=>Mosey to parkway brick wall


Brick Wall

  • Muscle Ups x10
  • Sit on wall after 10
  • Dips on wall x10


=>Mosey back to HCE parking lot



  • Plank until all Pax return
  • LBC x22
  • Ws x22


Count off, pray, count your blessings


Sweaty Moleskin:

-Way to work, men.  I didn’t realize we did so much until I was writing this BB.  Lots of new faces out there too, so welcome to F3.  I know there was a lot of running today, but it will make you stronger doing the exercises.  Keep pushing!

  • -I timed the Team Challenge Relay to get in about 4 rounds each.  We did about two and folks looked done, so audible to the guard rails.  I believe the team of Charmin, Chowder and Co-ed set the pace.
  • -Speaking of Chowder, I’m impressed that you, Mustard and Altitude ran to the workout (and back).  Good job.
  • -My apologies on the counts today.  I will be attending the upcoming Q school to clean up my cadence.  Although, exhaustion is a good excuse.
  • -Have a great weekend and see you all at Speed!




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  1. Colonel Mustard

    T-Claps Pavarotti! Nice use of the hedges.

    Great to see some new faces this morning. Keep on coming out!

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