Chicken sacrifice and name envy!

25 pax showed up for a cooler morning and a Dredd led beatdown!


-various exercises

mosey to field

– 6 mins of mary

-planks and pull ups

mosey to golf course

burpee ladder – 10 down to 10??

mosey down fairway

various push ups

mosey back to parking lot

(wait….Dredd is lost!  All good, pax sorted it)



1. Thanks Dredd for taking the time to come north and Q a Tradition workout!

2. Tradition Pax – It was not mentioned, but Dredd is one of the founders of F3.  Very thankful that you started this thing that is making us all better men!

3. Apparently Belding wants to be me(dingo).  I a little scared and flattered all at once!

4. Lots of laughs out there this morning!  Sound off below!

11 thoughts on “Chicken sacrifice and name envy!

  1. DogCatcher

    @Dingo – I was left off…sorta expected since I showed up 5 mins late.

    @PAX – Well done today; nothing like a burpee ladder at the tee box to start the morning off.

    @Dredd -Thanks for the lead this am. Good to see again on the northside.

  2. FunkyBunch

    @Dredd thanx for coming up here to explain “yankee wit”

    @Pharoah doing a 64 burpee ladder next to you was very humbling. Thanks for pushing me through that. I hate those things.

    I wonder what that golf course worker was thinking when he came around the corner during the above mentioned ladder.

    We’ll done @Pax!

  3. Colonel Mustard

    @Dingo – We now have a #MECA tag for BB’s, you can stop using #Charlotte-North. Did you not get the memo? Holding you accountable.

  4. Forgotten Jelly

    @dredd – thanks for a great workout today. It was good to finally meet you. Many thanks for starting F3. Definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time.

  5. Dredd

    Great bunch of PAX. Clearly, some (perhaps most) had: 1) no idea who I was, 2) no idea why I was there, 3) no idea why I would not shut up, and 4) no idea what I was talking about. And yet, nobody made me leave. #Fellowship

    Thanks for inviting me up Brothers.

    1. Dingo Post author

      @Dredd – Right on all 4! We thought it would be interesting to see how the Pax reacted to your “energy” and possibly not know who you are! Well…..they know now!!

      Lots of guys have told me it was the most entertaining workout they’ve been to!


  6. Skipper

    @Dredd – Thanks for joining #Tradition for a weekday beatdown! I’m bummed I was out of town and missed.

    @Dingo – Great work inviting @Dredd and keeping it a secret. I would have spilled the beans. Also T-Claps for leading #Tradition to where it is today! In 4 short months we’ve got a consistent, committed and steadily growing Pax. Many men have helped with this endevour, but you have definitely led the way.

    @Pax – Speaking of leading, check out @Dredd and @OBT’s book “Freed To Lead”. I highly recommend that you read it and then pass on to a #Sadclown friend.

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