A Diaphoretic Cruise

10 Highlanders posted for another sweaty installment of The Cruise.  No Q?  No problem.  Chowder stepped up with an intricate, 10 step workout that he “just came up with.”  4 miles @ an 8:30 pace.

The Thang:

  1. Run the Creek 5K route + a bonus 1 mi Fairvista loop.
  2. Scattered painstations; merkins, walking lunges, LBC’s, and pull ups.

The Naked Moleskin:

  1. You would never know we did a 4 mi Cruise today vs the occasional 5 mi Cruise….  That humidity brought the perceived effort level way over the top.  T-claps to all the guys who ground through that one.
  2. We’ve said it before – and I read it in Runners World this month – but come October/November when we are back to cool weather all the faithfuls who posted through the summer will feel like they are on illegal performance enhancing drugs.  Looking forward to that payoff.
  3. Highlands confirmed mudrun registrants are starting to build.  Two more were identified this morning.  Get your registration in – trust me you will want to take advantage of the cool weather to have a lightning fast run come USMC morning.  Make your summer count.
  4. Reminder to follow good refueling practices during these hot summer workouts.  Feeling good tomorrow starts by re-fueling properly after today’s workout.  The first 30 – 45 minutes after the workout is the widest metabolic window you will have – use it.  Get some hydration, some carbs, and some protein.  If you want to go hi-tech and get perhaps the best recovery mix out there – pick up a canister of Endurox.  That stuff is like magic.

Nanny – posted on behalf of our traveling Q Chowder

2 thoughts on “A Diaphoretic Cruise

  1. The Nanny Post author

    @Chowder Thanks for stepping up and just happening to “have a plan.” I don’t think it mattered what we did this morning – it was going to be tough. I have to admit, stopping to hit pain stations was worse than usual. Getting the legs going after a stop was tough. Happy travels to the third fastest growing economy in the US.

    @Gordo Good chatting with you this morning. Best of luck on the new business you are getting ready to launch. You should talk with Winnebago – his wife is in that line of work. Might be a source of unbiased feedback.

    @Octane I may drive over to your house before the next workout just so I can drive to and from the workout in your jeep. That has got to be so awesome after a sweaty workout. #jealous

    @Frodo No one else called you out so I will. Wow…you were pretty geared up for our 7.5 – 8 mi run this morning. I think you could have crossed the Sahara with all that hydration – and you even had a sweat towel. Next time will you share some of your Gatorade if I bring a solo cup? Or is there an entire football team you need to provide hydration for after the run?

    Shoutout to the Harrisburg crazies who will be running the off the books El Dorado today at 6PM. Remember, if you have any aspirations of bringing home the #ForgedHammer you need to hit 7 full loops tonight.

    1. Colonel Mustard

      Yes “7” is the magic number for that beatdown. Good luck because the heat will be on your back the entire time.

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